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  1. Halloween 2015 Lessons Learned... and Deep Thoughts

    General Halloween
    I made a couple of observations this year that I wanted to share with the group assembled here and hear your feedback. This year was a high-water mark for my family. We had a dozen major props, we had seven actors, we had a maze for the first time, and we had a very organized, professional...
  2. Oct. 2015 - Show Your Haunt/Yard Progress Each Week!

    General Halloween
    For 2015 - Let's show each other how we "trickle" decorations outside over the course of October! Many of us on the forum describe how we build and set up our decorations in anticipation for the big day. If you're a "Trickler", post your photos as you add new items so we can enjoy what your...
  3. Halloween in the country?

    General Halloween
    What's Halloween like when your neighbors are further away?
  4. The Neighborhood is ruining my Halloween fun!

    General Halloween
    Back in the fall of 2014, I moved into a more expensive neighborhood than I previously lived in. Well, little did I know that the 100k price difference between the two neighborhoods was apparently "the line" between neighbors that had fun and ones that were stuck up. The people directly around...
  5. Buying a new house... need some moral support LOL

    Off-Topic Stuff
    We have been house hunting for a long time and it has been challenging. We have narrowed it down to two, it seems, but we can't agree on preference. The differences House 1 (left) extra room (loft) 3rd garage close to shopping House 2 (right) neighbors only on 1 side of house huge, level...
  6. New guy

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone. I'm tired of the old traditions of halloween fading away. So this last halloween I decided to do something about it. I set a haunted porch at my house. A scary clown, a couple of gouls and some scary music. Oh, and some smoke. We had maybe 20-25 trick or treaters. Oh well, it was...
  7. Post up your TOT stash!

    General Halloween
    Alright, wind be darned, we're going at it 110% even with the inflatable getting lift off & the tombstones blowing into the neighbors yard!
  8. Neighbors reactions when setting up

    General Halloween
    Just curious how everyone's neighbors react when you are setting up. We will see them checking stuff out as they drive by, but I notice many don't comment on the Halloween stuff if we say hello. "Hey, how are you?" "Good, you?" "Great". No mention of the giant building facade we are putting up...
  9. Static: Ha ha ha....she said it was disgusting...

    Halloween Props
    I stuck the first of 3 corpses in the yard today. Each one will be impaled on rebar. The better half arrives home and both she and the 19 year old daughter tell me that my display is disgusting. LOL. The neighbors are gonna hate me by the end of the month. LOL.
  10. And so it begins.....

    General Halloween
    One of my neighbors :D
  11. out in the middle of nowhere

    General Halloween
    So I am gathering from reading forums and blogs that a lot of you have large crowds that come around on Halloween? I am not sure what it says about me that I live out in the country with few neighbors and NEVER get any trick or treaters (except the grandkids) and decorate just to please myself...
  12. Greetings to everyone!

    Member Introduction
    Hello to you from dark and spooky Finland! ;) (Well, it's still green and lush since it's august, but it is quite dark in the evenings and the forests ARE darn spooky even in the daylight..) We don't actually celebrate Halloween in here, instead we have All Saint's Day of christian origin and...
  13. "Boo" Your Neighbors!!

    General Halloween
    Here's a great idea to get your neighborhood into the Halloween Spirit: "BOO" Your Neighbors! If you want to get your neighbors in the Halloween spirit, be sure to engage them in a little game known as "Boo!" It's a popular game in some parts of the country, while in others, nobody has heard of...