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  1. Zero Tombstone, Nightmare Before Christmas (NBC)

    Halloween Props
    My 2019 ZERO Tombstone, Disney inspired. Made from foam, took about 6 hours of work.
  2. Hallmark 2019

    General Halloween
    The new Hallmark Ornament catalog is online... here is the link for the Halloween ornaments: https://www.hallmark.com/ornaments/keepsake-ornaments/?prefn0=holiday&prefv0=Halloween+10%2F31#products Scooby Doo: https://www.hallmark.com/search?q=scooby+doo+ornament&oq=scooby+doo+ornament … not...
  3. Other NightNare before Christmas Skulls and spider snowflakes

    Halloween Crafts
    Hi everyone wanted to share how i did my skulls and spider snowflakes , my theme for Christmas this year was nbc First i drew them on to pink foam sheets Then i used a hot knife to cut them all out sanded them down ok i have to get a pick for you guys but i gave all of these hangers what...
  4. My hearse decorated for christmas

    General Halloween
    As promised here is how i decorated my hears for Christmas my Christmas theme is NBC love how it turned out The count down clock i made has lights in it we can change to different colors . Love how it turned out
  5. Other My version of Nightmare Before Christmas count down clock

    Halloween Crafts
    Here is my version of the NBC count down clock i love how it turned out. I built a wood box Next i paint box and after paint was dry i added the little wood knobs For the face i actual found a clock that would fit inside a grape vine wreath I painted the wreath and edge of clock black...
  6. Static: My Versions of the NBC count down clock

    Halloween Props
    Here is my version of the NBC count down clock i love how it turned out. I built a wood box Next i paint box and after paint was dry i added the little wood knobs For the face i actual found a clock that would fit inside a grape vine wreath I painted the wreath and edge of clock...
  7. Walgreens 2018

    General Halloween
    Ok I am excited to see what NBC stuff and Halloween stuff Walgreens has this year anyone seen anything yet ?
  8. Walgreens 2018

    General Halloween
    Looking forward to seeing what they have this year for NBC :)
  9. Static: Almost done lots of pics and a video

    Halloween Props
    Well the weather is not being good this year. We had cold rain all day, suppose to clear but the wind is a killer. I may just put out the resin stones my pumpkins and call it a season. I will do a final weather check in the morning. Shame because the stuff I did this year which wasn't much I put...
  10. Static: NBC Countdown Clock

    Halloween Props
    I've always loved the Nightmare Before Christmas countdown clock. After finding Kristie's blog post about making her own (http://diynmbcprops.blogspot.com/2011/09/halloween-count-down-clock-prop.html), I took a whack at it too: My full build here...
  11. Static: Haunted Mansion Pumpkin King WIP

    Halloween Props
    Hey Group, Not much to see yet, but I am making the Pumpkin King as seen in line at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. I believe I have the dimensions looking pretty good. If anybody wants them just let me know. The pumpkin, is a 15" x 11" Mr. Light Mac Funkin, from where else, Amazon. The...
  12. Another Munsters reboot!

    Horror Discussion
    http://deadline.com/2017/08/the-munsters-reboot-nbc-jill-kargman-seth-meyers-1202146048/ I'll give it a shot. Why not? I'm one of those that actually liked "Mockingbird Lane," mostly for the presence of Eddie Izzard, but I still liked it & was hoping they'd put it into production but they...
  13. Other: Share your Organ make overs

    Halloween Props
    Love to see what make overs people have done to there organs here is mine before after i went with a NBC theme on mine :)
  14. Looking for 10' NBC Inflatable Sally.

    Wanted to Buy
    I have a Jack and Oogie but would love to have a Sally. Anyone know anyone selling one? Thanks, -Z https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8f/be/2d/8fbe2d3bff45b4cc2341adfb305ecf26.jpg
  15. Static: NBC mayor Halloween prop

    Halloween Props
    Almost finished with my NBC Mayor of Halloween town to add to Jack, Sally, lock, Shock, barrel, boogie and Zero. He's been a challenge.
  16. Static: my version of nbc countdown clock

    Halloween Props
    well as it say's here is my version, miss cut a hole in one of my columns left me with a how do I fix it and I thought about this, a few bits of scrap wood a trip to Lowes, one to the new hobby lobby, and Michel's stealing the lights from one of my rooms here it is.
  17. NBC Poster

    General Halloween
    :) Has anyone ever seen a poster like this and do you know where I could purchase one? Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. Nightmare Before Christmas for Plus size ladies at Torrid

    General Halloween
    I'm not sure how many plus size ladies are on the forum that like Nightmare Before Christmas, but the website www.Torrid.com has lots of NBC t-shirts and a really cute dress and jacket. They are having a black Friday sale where you can take 40% off, but its only for another 8 hours. I ordered...
  19. Static: Behemoth from Nightmare before Xmas (nearly done)

    Halloween Props
    I have started working early this year and have almost finished my first prop! He's pretty much done, I just need to stuff him which will take alot of material because he is pretty big! I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, I was able to make an axe out of PVC and duct tape that attaches to...
  20. Static: Oogie Boogie in his lair

    Halloween Props
    I forgot to post this picture of Oogie Boogie from our Nightmare before Christmas haunt. He was set up on our porch with landscaping fabric draped around him. We set up two blacklights and hung glow in the dark spider webbing all around him. We didn't mean for it to be scary but everyone thought...