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  1. Help Naming Yard Haunt

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone, I'm having some trouble coming up with a name for my yard haunt and I'm looking for any and all suggestions! :)
  2. EMERGENCY! Tea party is on!!! Need help.

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, for those of you who might not have heard, my mother in law has major health issues right now tying up my wife's time. As a result , she doesn't have the time to plan my daughter's B-day party as she wanted to, and I got word today it's in my hands. The Witch's tea party is ON!!! One...
  3. Other: Naming ideas

    Halloween Props
    Need ideas for naming my zombie research facility? I am drawing a blank. Any creative ideas from the wicked minds here?
  4. Haunted Maze Name Help

    General Halloween
    Hello everyone hope everyone is doing well on this Good Friday. Anyway, I work for the City of Deer Park and I was trying to get some input on a name for our Haunted Maze. For 6 years it has just been called the "Haunted Maze," but its time to actually get called something different. The...