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  1. Library of Halloween Sound Effects

    Halloween Music
    Hello all, I am an avid collector of Halloween soundtracks and sound effects. One day out of boredom I categorized all my sound effects by sound in order to make searching for specific sounds easier. I would like to share my sound library with you all. ...
  2. Hello to Horror Music Lovers - Introducing my album "Ghost Story"

    Member Introduction
    I just joined the forum. I'm a musician who has released over a dozen albums in a variety of styles. My latest release is "Ghost Story," 13 tracks that sound right out of a horror movie soundtrack with haunting passages, spooky sounds, and diabolical rhythms. You can find it all the usual places...
  3. New 17 track CD for Halloween 2015 previews - The Incredible Dark carnival

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi everyone My new CD is out on 13th of april. The Incredible Dark Carnival There are a lot of styles on the CD including orchestral tracks as well as more dance orientated songs. I think they would sound great in a carnival themed haunt or dark attraction. Please check it out. You can hear...
  4. Free download - Carnival - Sam Haynes vs Ghoulshow

    Halloween Music
    Good evening creeps! Ghoulshow and I have been hard at work creating a carnival themed track for your haunts It's a dark carnival themed piece of music written for halloween haunts here is the link to grab a copy of the song: https://soundcloud.com/sam-haynes-halloween/carnival-sam-haynes-vs...
  5. Creepy nursey/doll music HELP!

    Halloween Music
    Does anyone have or know where I could download some creepy nursey music? Kinda like from the movie Dead Silence or something?
  6. Reintroduction from Kentucky

    Member Introduction
    Hello all! Even though it was sweltering here today, I love summer so much that I'm not in a big hurry to get to Halloween. But after mid-September, it'll be the biggest day looming on my calendar. We usually celebrate with a complete transformation of the front of our house with spider webs...
  7. Halloween sound effects and music.

    Halloween Music
    Anybody know anyone who will create a custom made cd for your haunt? I would like to find somebody who will create it just the way you want it. THANKS!!!