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  1. Have you ever bought one item and planed your theme around it?

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    Have you ever bought one item and planed your theme around it? What items have you gotten you said ok I know what my theme will be ? I have when I got a tombstone as a reaper gift I was like this year will be voodoo. I have a clock I picked up and I am so leaning more towards mad hatter...
  2. Other: In the Gettysburg area & need a wax President or First Lady for your haunt?

    Halloween Props
    Mods, feel free to move this elsewhere but I wasn't sure where to post it since it's not MY auction nor is it a retailer so move away if you'd like!! As soon as I saw this story in the Washington Post I knew that I had to post it here. Once you see the pics you'll know why!:D The Gettysburg...
  3. We Will "B" Busy!

    General Halloween
    Two groups of Carnival workers plus a group of Summer Stock Actors have called for tonight. Last night some women who were here in town taking some courses for Museum credit were here (always fun! I told them when they arrived at my door:"I have a special story I always tell to you particular...
  4. Thursday-No Friday YES!!

    General Halloween
    Thursday night a woman here was loud, stupid, obnoxious-Drunk, but I had nothing else to do but be quiet myself and wait for her outbursts to subside..I eventually managed to get her and the other three through the entire house and out of here. "GRR!" Then tonight might have been my "Reward"...
  5. SFANTHOR! House of Wax Classic Monster Museum in Austin, TX

    General Halloween
    I just came back from Austin, TX (Round Rock, actually) to attend my nephew's wedding. While that was fun, the highlight of my trip was going to SFANTHOR! Monster wax museum and gift shop. The wax museum literally opened less than a month ago - a spill over from the owner's Museum of the Weird...
  6. HALLOWEEN PARTY 2015 - A NIGHTmare AT THE MUSEUM (themed)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi Everyone, We are in the midst of planning out the props and effects for our 15th Annual Halloween Party. For the last 2 years, we had a haunted hotel themed party, with a "steam-punk" infusion for 2014. This year, we are changing it out for an "UnNatural History Museum" theme along the lines...
  7. Prop Showcase: Museum of the Weird: Coffin Clock

    Halloween Props
    Before the Haunted Mansion as we know it, Imagineer Rolly Crump designed a "Museum of the Weird." Next Saturday, Sept. 13, Creature Features in Burbank is hosting the opening of their "Museum of the Weird" gallery show, with Rolly himself in attendence! I was asked to contribute something, and...
  8. Mechanical: Creepy Doll Display Ideas Needed

    Halloween Props
    This our Hhouse is doing a museum theme. One of the ideas we had was to do a display of creepy dolls. I would like some of them to move, ie: heads turn, arm lifts, dancing marionettes. The rest would of course be static or live actor. I'm looking for cheap, cheap, cheap ways to do the animation...