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  1. music for haunt house theater theme

    Halloween Music
    looking for some music to be played in my haunt house ...first room is the lobby ....so what should i play? the next room is jason on the pier .... then michael myers on a porch with bambo on the sides of it .. may even put the well with the ring girl in it .... then its the meat market room...
  2. Prop Showcase: Drive in theater haunt 2014

    Halloween Props
    I finally got around to setting up a blog with my work from this past Halloween on it! http://sheetghostdesign.blogspot.com/?spref=fb (The name of the blog comes from my forearm tattoo of a sheetghost) All of the props I built are there on the front page but heres a few of my favorites
  3. 'Ghostbusters' Returning To Theaters This Halloween

    Horror Discussion
    http://comicbookmovie.com/fansites/BootsandCapes/news/?a=46321 CLASSIC. Ghostbusters is headed back into the big screen and NO I'am bot talking about the proposed third part...You know the one that has been floating around on shelves!? It has been announced today that the original Ghostbusters...