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  1. Hello from sunny Central Florida

    Member Introduction
    Yes hello, from the mouse house (Disney for non-locals) area. Been on here for a while, in ghost lurker mode, absorbing all the great information. I came here specifically looking for skeleton animatronic info and got hooked on everything else. I like to tinker and build stuff so.... hold on...
  2. They Are Coming .. for You!

    Literature and Role-Playing
    Nobody wants to even listen,.. and nobody even cares... yet. But they will care and care a whole bunch, bet your Baby's Booties on that, Mister! These things are unstoppable! They can run all night, eating, killing, catching other's soft skin between THOSE TEETH! Go to sleep, go ahead! You...
  3. Now is the Best Time of the Halloween Season?

    General Halloween
    So here are my thoughts: You only remember the Best and Funniest Parts of last October. There is plenty of time to Build/Buy/Find what ever this years theme is. The newest items aren't out yet so looking forward to seeing them, but there is NO pressure to OWN them. You haven't changed your...
  4. Mickey Mouse - "Haunted House" Video

    Halloween Music
  5. Static: Gemmy Mickey Mouse Vampire Greeter at Lowes $19.99!

    Halloween Props
    I saw this Gemmy Mickey Mouse greeter at Lowes yesterday. Not big on Mickey Mouse, but we are wanting to do a "bunny trail" for scared adults this year so this fit in nicely. But for as well made as it is, it was just $19.99! Can't beat that.
  6. Haunted Library Trunk or Treat

    General Halloween
    I work for the Boys & Girls Club and we're going to participate in a local Trunk or Treat event. Our Theme is a haunted library... We are dressing as characters from children's books... We have the mouse from If You Give A Mouse a Cookie, Katniss from Hunger Games, Miss Frizzle, Pippi...