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  1. Mechanical: Turned a head turner prop to a Christmas tree oscillator

    Halloween Props
    Thought I'd share a head turner prop which was shortly made into a Christmas tree oscillator. I used a couple of pieces 1/2 threaded pipe, 3/4 PVC, 1' aluminum flat bar, some crap plywood, and a couple of nuts and bolts. The angle wiper motor mounting plate was bought from Frightprops. I'll...
  2. Electronic/Software: Tekky Light Switchplate animated Throw Switch prop

    Halloween Props
    Bought this Tekky Toys prop from Party City and just got it today. Great look and like it a lot. I know people are always looking for this type of thing for their mad lab displays without having to try to locate something like it to DIY. I had a halloween prop throw switch from several years...
  3. Static: My 2018 Prop - A spin on a skull pile - Still need feedback!

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, I wanted to share my prop I've been building for about 3 weeks now. I wanted to get to more props, but this one took way to long and I got a late start. My original concept was to take all these skulls I had and create a skull pile prop. Something you'd find at spirit or similar. I...
  4. Static: My Unorthodox pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    Awhile ago I came across a photo of some pumpkins that had been carved from the bottom instead of the top and was lit from within with some pumpkin guts hanging down. Turns out they were done by one of the moderators on this site named UnOrthoDox. I loved the look and have decided to make a...
  5. FS: Spider Hill Prop Works BK-1 or Kit-3

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD Have a Body Kit-1 or Body Kit-3 never used you choose which one you want. $30 shipped BK-1 https://s25.postimg.org/7v2lg1k7z/BK-1.1.jpg https://s25.postimg.org/x13jmvt7z/BK-1.jpg Kit-3 https://s25.postimg.org/t3g9xi19r/Kit-3.jpg...
  6. Electronic/Software: PIR mounting options!!

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone!! I have 4 props I built this year that will be triggered with PIRs!! I am curious about the different ways y'all mount them where they work best and are well hidden!! I am leaning towards mounting them in PVC pipe but I am looking for better suggestions!! Thanks!! HH
  7. Static: How to mount a rider on 74" Home Depot Skeleton Horse

    Halloween Props
    I know a lot of people now have the horse and was wondering for those that mounted a rider on the horse. What ways have you come up with for mounting the rider that makes it sturdy enough to be outside in the rain and wind? I am using mine for my headless horseman display so i need it sturdy.
  8. My Review- The Home Depot Animated Window Projector Kit- AlmosFX animations

    Product Reviews
    So this is my impromptu review of the Home Depot Animated Window Projector Kit. The projector itself is small, about the size of a 6 pack of eggs a hard copy of Lord of the Rings novel. Okay, I bought it to see what it has and what it can do compared to my projector arsenal, and see how it...
  9. Mechanical: New Build 2015

    Halloween Props
    I am not going to say what it is just yet, see if you can guess :D Step 1 - Motor 12V DC geared motor, 10 rpm The mounting holes don't go through like I figured so mounting is going to be a little messy. I found an old and mangled drill bit extension shaft that I can attach, and perhaps epoxy...
  10. Small 400 Watt fogger and Strobe Light LOT

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Small 400 Watt fogger and Strobe Light LOT (SOLD) Hi all I have a Totally Ghoul small sized 400 watt fogger. I bought this new in the box. I think I took it out and tried it and boxed it up again. This is not something to fog your yard but might work well indoors or inside a prop due to it's...
  11. Static: Mounting help. Witch prop needs help standing.

    Halloween Props
    I am working on creating my first static character prop. I created her frame out of pvc. She obviously will not stand on her own yet though and I am in desperate need of a way to mount her to stand. I have seen tutorials around about how to mount them onto a board. However, I want to know if...
  12. Lighting: Need Help For Mounting Blacklight

    Halloween Props
    i am wanting to find a new way to hang/mount my 48" Blacklight. i still live with my parents because well, i am only 19 lol. so they say "it is not recommended" that i drill holes in the porches walls. sooo i have to figure out a way to mount it. the wall texture is i guess called Stucco? soo im...
  13. Other: Dual Talking Skulls: How to mount...

    Halloween Props
    I just bought a set of dual talking skulls (2-axis skulls w/ Pico Talk controllers). They work fine BUT I have no idea about the best way to mount the skulls. I looked for buckys without skulls but couldn't find any. I also looked for mounting stands with just the cervical vertebrae. Again...