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  1. Static: I need ideas for a gold mound

    Halloween Props
    I would like to do a gold mound. Preferably an easy to store one. I can't find a tutorial on glueing coins to fabric. I googled it with not much help. Any suggestions or a link to making one. Thanks in advance.
  2. Static: Flat concrete to "lumpy" ground

    Halloween Props
    Now accepting suggestions for making fake mounds of ground to place on a flat concrete floor. Can't drill into the concrete and don't want to haul in buckets of dirt. What I'm looking to do is make a mound big enough to set a couple of resin toads on along with some fake grasses and cat-tails...
  3. Cheap way to make graveyard mounds on the ground?

    I tried searching but found nothing...I'm sure someone has made some graveyard body mounds? I don't want to just buy dirt, or dig any out of my yard, but I would love to add some mounds to the ground for the tombstones this year. Has anyone made any on the cheap? I wouldn't want to use paper...