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  1. Fake moss

    Halloween Props
    I am making the evil tree and I am thinking about adding some fake moss to it. I havenā€™t found anything good. So, does anybody have some wisdom to sharešŸ˜Š It is an outdoor project so it should withstand the elements and also Its quite big so it would be good if not to expensive and it should be...
  2. Witchy Swamp Lanterns

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I know how popular these are, and I LOVE the effect they give to just about any swampy or witchy scene. So I decided to make my own! I'll post some step-by-steps with pictures here in the coming days. I've seen lots of versions of these over the years, and I've watched a couple tutorials...
  3. I need everyones advice on my 1977 Cadillac Hearse

    General Halloween
    Happy New Year to everyone on our Halloween Forum, Can you believe that it is only 289 more Days until Halloween 2019? Before you know it, it will be here and Gone. Well.....may be not that quickly, but.....Time sure seems to be Flying as we all get older. Ok......sooooo I am really really...
  4. Lighting: A variation on the "swamp lantern"

    Halloween Props
    So I stood in line at Michael's for at least 20 minutes this past weekend with a bunch of people buying Christmas stuff and I wondered to myself "I wonder what these people would do if they knew I was here to buy supplies for next year's Halloween and I don't care about the Xmas stuff...."...
  5. Static: Mausoleum/scary houses from kids' playhouses

    Halloween Props
    This year I added bulk to my cemetery display by placing 3 "mausoleums" in the background. They were made by repainting Little Tikes kids' playhouses. My only expense for this project was the spray paint, and the bleach. I was able to put out an ISO call on our local FB swap groups and got 3...
  6. Spanish Moss

    Wanted to Buy
    Are there any fellow Haunters in Florida that sells boxes of Spanish moss to haunters out of state ?
  7. Prop Showcase: My 2017 stones

    Halloween Props
    I've finished almost all of my tombstones for this year. I've been working on some of these since before last Halloween, "Deverney", and "Crewler", but they didn't have bases of any tea staining for last year. I posted a few of these stones on another thread but I've added some moss since then...
  8. Faun Mask Pan's Labyrinth

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I was commissioned to build a Faun costume for a local dance company's main theatrical dance Production this year. Here it is about 95% complete, I will add more hair and moss just before competition season starts. I have a breast plate and hoof boot covers nearly complete as well. I will...
  9. Prop Showcase: Tombstone Upgrade

    Halloween Props
    I finished off the Tombstones I created last year. I weathered them and added some moss.
  10. Other Halloween Terrariums

    Halloween Crafts
    I bought these glass terrariums at Hobby Lobby and Target some time ago and never really did anything with them. Today, I got inspired to boo them up. I first added a layer of white pebbles and then a layer of sand. Then, I decorate the square one with moss and real succulents and the diamond...
  11. GR style Eyeballs for Cheap

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So I fell in love with these: but not the $29 price tag plus shipping. So I saw a pack of 3 plastic baseballs at dollar tree---$1 I had these paints and sprays on hand: I loved Spookmarts eyeballs from a couple years back : So I did a combo, and here are the quick and dirty steps.... 1...
  12. Spanish Moss

    Halloween Props
    Looking for ideas to create large quantity of Spanish Moss. The stuff in the little bags is okay for the top of tombstones but I need to hang it from trees in a volume that will show up easily and not blow away. Has anyone on here successfully created this effect?
  13. Gene Moss "Dracula's Greatest Hits"

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/nvjvlekshiyhuqgwpdywvqencbmdptd8 MORE INFO ON THE RECORD FOUND HERE: http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2007/10/spooky-and-kook.html
  14. Photos of Moss and Lichen for Tombstone Painters

    General Halloween
    To be honest I didn't know exactly where to post this! I am planning on building a few tombstones this year and wanted to get a sample of real moss and lichen to look at when painting.... I found a tree at work that is covered in green moss and lichen! So here are a couple of pictures, some...
  15. Moss and lichen with paints!

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I've had a whole bunch of people wondering how I did my moss on my tombstones so here's the video: >>> Moss tutorial video <<< Enjoy!
  16. Moss discount for halloween

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Moss4U is offering Halloween Forum members a 10% discount on our mosses. As you know Spanish moss is just perfect for that eerie swamp look or some dilapidated scenes. We ship next day, so you can get your order in time for Halloween. Check out our site and go to the Spanish Moss page. If you...
  17. Long 'drapey" moss - where to buy?

    Wanted to Buy
    I'm from Colorado - we don't get nearly enough rain to get moss of any type, let alone the long, swampy, flowing, drapey moss from swamps. I'm having a really difficult time finding any to buy. Of course I can find lots of dry Spanish moss, but that doesn't hang/flow the same. Anyone have...
  18. 3rd Annual Witches Luncheon ... This years theme ... Enchanted/ /Spooky Forest

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    For the past 2 years, there are 8 of us that get together to celebrate Halloween by having a Witches Luncheon. We would like this to become a tradition where our daughters/ daughter-in-lawsand their children (once they have children) would also be able to attend. We have a banner that we sign...
  19. Static: Spanish Moss Sources??

    Halloween Props
    Hey fellow Haunters, Getting my procrastinating butt in gear for this year's haunt of my Neverest Cemetery and I would love to add a ton of spanish moss to the trees, gates, fence and columns in my graveyard. Ebay has people selling bags of it at a pretty hefty price and retail stores only seem...
  20. I need help!

    General Halloween
    I want to do a swamp theme. I saw these online and thought it would be a good start. But does anyone know how to make them? I was thinking a stick from outside but a clear coat of paint (to act as a glue) then to sprinkle the "moss" on. Then add the lantern.