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  1. Woodard's Mill Haunter selling everything!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    My husband and I have run an awesome neighborhood Haunt for the past five years. Go look us up on Facebook at "Woodard's Mill Haunter" and take a look at our last several Haunts! However, we cannot do it anymore, and would love the sell the entire Haunt to a new dedicated amateur or...
  2. Unsure which to call it... Shape Shifter or Wendigo!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hello all! I know it is getting ever so close to Samhain and this IS MY MONTH! Lol. I have started my costume and figure if you can achieve that WTH is that response, then you're doing it right....helping folks use their imaginations! Lol. Here is a brief pic of what I have started on. It is a...
  3. How much light will shine thru morph mask?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Anyone who knows me knows I'm all about props. I'm cool being the guy behind the scenes. I've never been a big costume person. But it seems moreso every year we keep getting invited to costume parties. So we're thinking we might add one or two into our annual tradition just for fun. So I had...
  4. Rave Costume idea. Please help with suggestions on creating it!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    First time on the forums everybody, so hello! Bit of a background on me, I'm a sophomore attending Ohio University located in Athens, OH. Halloween here gets insane, with anywhere from around 30-50 thousand people here for Halloween weekend. The town usually has a population of about 22k, so...
  5. Other: Werewolf Morph Illusion

    Halloween Props
    for a haunted hayride I volunteer at we made a shack with a human to werewolf morphing illusion thing and it turned out pretty well. picture of the structure: video of the actual illusion: YouTube - Human to Werewolf Transformation here's a picture of the cage we also had at our...