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  1. Morbid Mansion Studios KILLER KOLLECTIBLEZ, Rare THE WALKING DEAD autographed mask

    For Sale By Merchants
    LINK TO THE EBAY AUCTION: http://www.ebay.com/itm/160856746779?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_500wt_1287 Hi again folks! This auction listed is for a Combination Don Post Zombie Mask, complete with the gloves. The crown of the Mask of signed by the Famous Melissa...
  2. Launch of the Morbid Mansion Studios Killer Kollectiblez! Nightmare on Elm Street!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey guys! A few weeks ago I launched my store for my custom special FX, and now I'm sharing with you all my Killer Kollectiblez. It's where I "up-cycle" or recreate from licensed/unlicensed costume and prop pieces and make them much more interesting and affordable works of displayable/functional...
  3. Morbid Mansion Studios Launch! With New FX Store!

    Hey Guys! It's been a while, but now I can get out of the workshop and get some sunlight and share my new page with everyone. After several conventions, FX Shows, and an audition to FaceOff, I finally found time to upload my Studio site for all my FX Projects Also, there's a link to my Special...
  4. Monster Mash Up! The Best Dracula Poll Results!

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    YouTube - Monster Mash Up! Best Dracula- Poll Results!
  5. Monster mash up has officially launched!

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    The First Episode has officially launched, and we will be showing episodes and poll results On Fridays, Until the First Season ends! On the Bottom of the video is the link to cast your vote! YouTube - Monster Mash Up! Best Dracula Place your votes here! MORBID MANSION STUDIOS - Current...
  6. Attention All Horror Film and Halloween Enthusiasts, I'm Making a show just for you!

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    Hi guys, Mike here again! I've been taking my time the past few weeks working on an internet show for Horror Films fans! It's Called "Monster Mash Up" and Its a Voting show where YOU get to choose the best of selected horror films! It will launch soon this month, It was made just for Horror...
  7. Prop Showcase: My prop; Robby!

    Halloween Props
    I created Robby as a mascot for Morbid Mansion Studios and as a prop for a film i was making at the time, He has gone through many changes since (due to some accidents) But relativley looks the same. I posted several pictures of this prop in my albums including his current form. Share you...
  8. Hi! Im Mike!

    Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! My name is Mike and I just joined, and Im a fellow halloween enthusiast. :) heres a little info about me. Im currently a Film Student at TAMIU and an amatuer film maker (Morbid Mansion Studios) aimed at the horror genre. I am also an amatuer makeup and propmaker, which I use...