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  1. Other: Help! Latex Mask Restoration

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I've been the proud owner of a Don Post Full Moon mask for many years, and it has been stored in my closet for about 9 years now. I had kept it dry, stuffed with tissue to hold its form, wrapped in a plastic bag, inside of its cardboard box. Recently, I got a styrofoam head and I wanted to...
  2. Boo! from Burbank IL.

    Member Introduction
    Hello! from Burbank IL, I've been creeping around here in the shadows for a while, feels good to be out in the moon light !
  3. Zacherley "Monster Gallery"

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/qywr7y44h2iweeucex6fqokoyd8baagn TRACK LIST: 01 - Coolest Little Monster 02 - A Wicked Thought 03 - Goul View Commercial 04 - Sure Sign of Spring 05 - Transylvania P.T.A 06 - Frank and Drac Are Back 07 - Come with Me to Transylvania 08 - Spider Man...
  4. Late night at the full moon cornerclub

    Literature and Role-Playing
    My tavern was nothing unusual, well, not quite average. It appeared to be average from the outside, unless you took a closer look; a closer look at the patrons, the signs and myself. If you do take a closer look, you'll find that my tavern, the Full Moon Cornerclub, specially caters to...
  5. Moon Phase 2015

    General Halloween
    Here we go again! Every year I bring this up, the one purely natural Atmosphere Effect that nobody can control, but plays (sometimes) a big part in setting the "feel" of Hallowe'en Night. This year could be one of those years; we have a 3/4 Moon. Not bad, I can live with that!
  6. Blood Moon Pic

    General Halloween
    I Just had to have one Halloween/Blood Moon shot. My house faces east so I was shooting from behind my display so I turned by flame pumpkin around to got this shot. Anyone else get any cool Blood Moon photos?
  7. Fall Harvest Moon

    General Halloween
    So now that we are officially into Fall, it's hard not to look up and notice the moon. Unfortunately for us here, it was cloudy and we missed out on seeing the Harvest Blood Moon, and now won't be back until 2033 I believe. Darn. I did get this photo of the moon tonight and thought it looked...
  8. Super blood moon 9-27-15

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Super Blood Moon tonight, begins at 9:07 Eastern Time and is fully in the Earths shadow at 10:11 Eastern Time. Gonna sit by the fire tonight, hopefully the sky is clear.
  9. Hello fellow Halloween lovers!

    Member Introduction
    I am so happy to finally be surrounded by people with the same love as me! My name is Anna and I am obsessed with Halloween. I collect all of the usual Halloween things: Crows/Ravens, owls, witches, bats, haunted houses, skeletons, skulls, graveyards, headstones, creepy trees, moons. My room is...
  10. A Bright Halloween this year

    General Halloween
    How-do, Gang. Did a quick check on moon phases for 2015, looks like the full moon in October (known as the Hunter's moon, traditionally, which should amuse all the werewolf fans out there) is... October 27th. That's a Tuesday. By Halloween, Saturday the 31st, it will be waning gibbous, but...
  11. Fairy

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I have this new friend that is new to the area. Yesterday a bunch of us got together and helped her unload her stuff from the moving truck. She knows I like to decorate and she said "just wait til you see my fairy". Well she was right and her fairy is sweet. Unfortunately someone stole the moon...
  12. Werewolf and Alien Themes: Want some almost-free vintage moon pictures?

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    My recently deceased great uncle was a bit of an odd duck, but also a near-professional amateur photographer in his youth. My mother served as executrix of his estate, and we're dispersing the final odds and ends that no one else in the family wanted. Among his vast stock of black and white...
  13. Atmosphere Effects: Projection: Loopable Moon Video?

    Halloween Props
    I want to put a spooky moon on my window this halloween. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  14. Lunar eclipse tonight!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    If you're a Moon Freak like me you'll want to check this out. Actually, best viewing will be at 4:55 Mountain Standard Time. I'm currently working in Northern Alberta, so I will definitely be up and out to see this rare event. And cool being this close to Halloween. If you've never seen one...
  15. Blood moon 10-8-14

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Blood Moon tonight, actually early tomorrow morning. Supposed to be bigger and brighter than the last one.
  16. Shirtdesigns on RebelsMarket

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Here´s a collection of my shirtdesigns, I create based on my draws. It´s all available on RebelsMarket: http://www.rebelsmarket.com/rebel-store/vincent-lentzsch-shirtdesigns The brandnew design is "Crescent Moon", in three great shirt colors. "Crescent Moon" Men Shirt Grey...
  17. Looking for large full moon decal

    General Halloween
    Hi all. I'm mostly a lurker, always in awe of you all! I am decorating my house this year like Little Red Riding Hood's Werewolf Hunting Cabin (bear with me here, I have a vision!). I was sure I had a giant full moon window cling and went to find it today. Turns out I have a giant talon (from...
  18. Supermoon

    Off-Topic Stuff
    For anyone interested, September 9, 2014, will be the next/super moon for 2014.
  19. Just have to share my latest piece!

    For Sale By Merchants
    It's listed on eBay now: Halloween Witch & Moon Platter JOL Folk Art EHAG PFATT - eBay (item 250435083693 end time Jun-02-09 18:30:00 PDT)