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  1. Static: Large iceberg/glacier props for Frankenstein in the Arctic theme

    Halloween Props
    Hello all! Anyone else pining for the season? This year's haunt theme is the last voyage of Frankenstein's ship. We plan on converting the front porch into a ship and turning the front yard into an arctic sea. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on creating icebergs, lit from within. My initial...
  2. What do you think of it?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I recently have an idea to buy a projector enclosure for my Projector the Size is 17.8w x 5.2h x 12.6l for Christmas decoration. I have read up on enclosures from some suppliers Kinytech, Vizbox . Actually I had this idea two months ago, but my wife doesn't agree with me. As you know, after...
  3. Alexa the sound box!

    General Halloween
    Probably no surprise but you can put those mp3 and cd players away, Alexa to the rescue! Have some pc speakers laying around - even better. If you have Amazon prime just ask her to play scary sounds, thunderstorm, or Halloween music. I figured on the Halloween music play list but the scary...
  4. Hello from germany

    General Halloween
    Hello everybody. I recently created my account here and thought I should introduce myself. I'm a 39yo father of 2 amazing kids who are, just as myself, totally into Halloween. Last year I put up some window projections using some old LED projectors and AtmosfearFX video material (zombie...
  5. Halloween Wedding Question?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I'm just curious if anyone has or know anyone that has had a Halloween Wedding...but just not in October or November? I really want a halloween wedding have for years, but we want it to be outside and warm, so really those months are out. I just didn't know if anyone has done a Halloween Wedding...
  6. Other Craft of the Month for february is Potion Bottle

    Halloween Crafts
    Hi everyone going to bring the craft of the month back and we are going to start with February Craft of the month is Potion bottles lets see your creativity This is all about getting creative and showing what you made :) Let the fun start :) MARCH CRAFT - WANDS APRIL CRAFT - KIT ANY KIND...
  7. 2017 Halloween Photoshoots calling all Photographers

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone, with our favorite time of year approaching, us photographers are gearing up to create some creepy memories. Let's see you Halloween themed photoshoot images. Yesterday my son was begging to do a creepy clown shoot. I had found a vintage childs clown costume a few months back, so...
  8. Other: Five Months will pass before you know it

    Halloween Props
    Okay, so ... last year things bombed for me. I got all enthused and inspired, especially by finding this forum, but in the end, I ran out of steam. Well now, Halloween 2017 is five months away. That is a short time to plan for it, but I'm going to give it the old college try. Since I was...
  9. Bring on the Halloween withdrawals!

    General Halloween
    Lmao, the struggle is real! But in all honesty, I had a great Halloween and am OK with it being over. Give me a few months, when it's freezing and snowy, and I'll start craving Halloween again! :cool:
  10. Nearly 3 months until Halloween?

    General Halloween
    We are closing in, my friends. Merchandise sighting in stores, online vendors making a push, Home Haunters watching the calendar, and the rest of us busy doing everything else, but you can't ignore the fact. We'll soon be in August, and for many of us, Labor Day kicks off the Halloween season...
  11. Gemmy Eyeball Doorbell online?

    Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone know where I could get one online yet? I have seen photos of ones in store at Cracker Barrel (go figure) but their website isn't very good. Help? I have been waiting for this prop for months. Thx, Mike
  12. Prop Showcase: Update Pirate Cannon 2016

    Halloween Props
    OK, so some of you have seen the "new" cannon from last year. Click Me! I had all sorts of issues with getting the mechanics/electronics worked out. I am happy to say, after way too many months ... it's working. Here she is in all her glory! Finally, one prop completed!
  13. Mask wanted

    Wanted to Buy
    I would like to have another of these masks. I bought this one from Ebay a couple months ago but cannot find another there or elsewhere.
  14. The Bone Mother: Unorthodox 2016 Open Discussion.

    General Halloween
    Doesn't that just SOUND like me? Anyway, if you've been following me for some time, you know one thing I REALLY hate is to leave something undone. From the mad scientist lab when I was 8 (redone some 25 years after the initial concept), to redoing "The Orchard" portion of our Harvest theme...
  15. River Chase Haunted Barn - 2015

    General Halloween
    Total remodel this year, a year's worth of work. Here's the video of the tour: https://youtu.be/DEsKfU-fkLg. The picture is what it looked like one year ago today. I built it by myself, my dad came down for 2 months to help me with putting up the walls and electrical. 7 hours a day, 5 days...
  16. Hello from Canada

    Member Introduction
    Hey there, Cant wait for Halloween !!!! it is by far my favorite time of year ! not to mention i spend the two months before hand prepping ! cant wait to share some of my creations and haunt !!!! xx Ash:):)
  17. Morning from VA!

    Member Introduction
    Just joined.....have actually made a few projects that I've seen posted from this site elsewhere. Glad to be apart now and share my creations and get ideas from others that get as excited as I do about thinking about Halloween all months of the year and not just October ..lol...:D my husband...
  18. RSS Feed

    Off-Topic Stuff
    So what happened to the RSS feed? It used to work, but quit a couple of months back. Is it going to be enabled again?
  19. Scare LA in Soutern California

    General Halloween
    Anyone else going to this? I bought my tickets 2 months ago! http://scarela.com/about/exp/ -Z
  20. A quick HELLooooo ?

    Member Introduction
    I just wanted to take a few minutes to say hello and introduce myself. I'm John from Philly. I've been a home haunter for several years and build most of my props. I've been lurking around this forum for several months now and decided to join. I hope to offer help and advice as well as learn and...