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  1. Static: First MM statue -softened up overnight

    Halloween Props
    2 days ago, I made a mourner statue for my graveyard. She hardened up by dark, and baked all day yesterday. I didn’t see any dark spots anywhere, and there were no spots that were cool to the touch, so I figured I’d seal her this morning. When I went out to start, her robe/hood was -super-...
  2. Static: what to make out of these

    Halloween Props
    One of my students suddenly got a dream job and packed up and moved in 2 weeks flat. They went through a major downsizing and were kind enough to gift me their extra halloween items. And as grateful as I am I don't really know what to do with these. Here are 9 small Spirit store tombstones...
  3. Static: Reaper

    Halloween Props
    Seeing some examples of statues we have done in the past, the wife and I decided to try and make a reaper statue for our yard this year using PVC, chicken wire, sheets, monster mud and a few accessory items. I started out making a base out of some extra mortar I had laying around from doing...
  4. Help needed! - Dictionary

    Halloween Props
    Hi you all, I need your help!!!! I'm from germany and halloween is almost unknown here but the amount of people building props and decorating their houses, yards is growing year by year. Unfortunately there a almost no descriptions on building props in german language on the internet...