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  1. Monster guts controller

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Never used Monster guts controller" Nerve Center".With power supply and Manual plus FREE shipping.$50.00 PayPal only.fast priority mail.PM me if interested,first come first served.:D
  2. Other Monster mud probem! HELP!

    Halloween Crafts
    This is my first time using monster mud so I decided to just start with tombstones. They seamed easy enough. I was given some free styrofoam from my work and I decided to use that just to see if I would even be able to do it. Plus I looked around online and saw that a lot of people still used...
  3. Monsterpalooza

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    My husband and I will be at monsterpalooza this weekend stop by the Soz studios booth and say hello and check out some great art! http://monsterpalooza.com/sonofmonsterpalooza/index.html
  4. Other: super late start, 2 props in 2 days...mummy/chandelier

    Halloween Props
    so we decided LAST week to revive our annual haunt... I hope we have not taken on too much in such a short time. Monster theme this year. Still haven't figured out the invites in whole, but managed to assemble 2 props in two days.. lifesize mummy and candelabra. Vampire items will recycle from a...
  5. The Haunted Inn story is done!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hello Ghouls and Fiends, I've completed and released a new interactive story on my Halloween Website: www.spookinite.com It is a story about you visiting an old Inn that is supposedly Haunted by ghosts. But hauntings don't seem to be the only thing going around, a mystery is going on, why are...
  6. Kelly's "Scary toys in my attic"

    Well, this is my first time "blogging", but I decided to give it a try..I'll get the hang of it..Two reasons I decided to, one was to keep me from throwing random crap all over the forum board..the other because there are four feet of leaves in my yard that need raking and this just seemed much...
  7. Instant Monsters is back with new prosthetics!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey everyone! We've had a crazy summer with lots of fun new prosthetics in the works. Here are a few of them: "Goblin / Witch" is an unpainted prosthetic (painted version available) that comes with full application instructions. It can be painted with fantasy flesh tones to create a goblin...
  8. Reading 77 Shadow Street right now

    Horror Discussion
    I'm just about 200 pages into Dean Koontz's latest novel, 77 Shadow Street. It's got some crazy monsters and cool ideas. I'm partial to Koontz anyway, but this particular novel, more than most of his stuff in the past 10 years, is really a horror novel. Monsters, hellish visions of...
  9. Mechanical: Monster in a box first stage

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, I know I keep posting my projects before they're done but what can I say I like 'em lol. Here is a vid of a monster in the box prop my Brother-in-law and I are building at the moment. Sorry for the blurriness at the begining but unfortunately you're not missing much yet. The...
  10. Mechanical: Monster Under the Bed by JW

    Halloween Props
    I am building a room in my haunt for "Casey". She is one of my props. Her bedroom is haunted. One of the props I built for the room is this arm that reaches out from under her bed as the ToTs walk by. It is triggered by a motion sensor. "][/URL]
  11. Other: Monster in the box sign

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone just wanted your opinion. My brother in law and I made a monster in the box this year for our first animated prop. We haven't finished it yet but we're planning to attach a mask and hand to the lid so it looks like something is about to jump out at you. Now I had the idea that...
  12. MITB sound effects

    Halloween Music
    hey , I'm looking for a good sound effect for my MITB, preferably i would love a giant crashing monster groaning sound (monster of some sort thrashing around in a cage or box) or A really good scream would be great, I've heard all of the scream sound effects on YouTube so i'm probably looking...
  13. Mechanical: activating Sound for my MITM

    Halloween Props
    I have already built my monster in the box but i would like some kind of sound such as a growl so be heard when the box is activated. So my question is how can i activate the growl sound fairly cheaply and pretty easily too. Thanks :D
  14. Mechanical: My Monster in the box

    Halloween Props
    My first wiper motor prop :DDDDD i shall upload a night time video soon .... :D
  15. Pneumatic: My Creature Crate/MIB

    Halloween Props
    I made this Creature Crate a couple of years ago. Sorry, didn't have any daytime video shot until now. It's about 34" tall and very heavy...wood from sod palettes. Enjoy!
  16. Fog: Need help with fogger for Monster in a Box prop

    Halloween Props
    I built a Monster in a box prop this year. Turned out awesome on the testing part. I need to have fog coming out when it is triggered by the motion sensor. How do I keep the heating element hot so the fog kicks in right away? Is there some modifying I can do to the control?
  17. Prop Showcase: MIAB Coffin

    Halloween Props
    Here is my Monster in a Box Coffin made with a lid opener kit and PicoBoo controller from FrightProps.com. (along with a PIR motion sensor) This video is the coffin without fog, but it will have fog on Halloween night. The sound I made for the coffin can be downloaded here. The coffin design...
  18. Sliders Tutorial: Slider Gloves Tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    We've all seen them, and if you haven't you probably want to watch this video: YouTube - Knott's Scary Farm 2008 They call themselves sliders, the creeps that run around sliding on their hands and knees creeping the living $h!T outta people at haunted houses and scream parks. Now you probably...
  19. New video/movie

    General Halloween
    I have created a new Horror movie short YouTube - Cleaner for you all to enjoy. Let me know what you think...
  20. Radreb here -HALLOOWWW!

    Member Introduction
    This site attracted me because I make scary t-shirt designs , like dracula, Frank N. Stein, vampires , monsters, aliens etc etc etc . hope you can see my stuff and comment! Picasa Web Albums - Reb :eek: