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  1. Hello, I made a Spooky Monster clocks for your smartphone that I think is cool

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi, I'm a Mobile app developer in the UK. This year I decided to celebrate Halloween by publishing a Monster clock for my android phone that counts down the number of days to Halloween. You can check it out here if you have a Android phone or Tablet: Monster clocks for Halloween What do...
  2. Static: My first halloween prop for 2017

    Halloween Props
    I am so lucky to be alive today. car flipped 3x 2 minutes after I made driveway. Anyways here's my Halloween prop for 2017 thanks to monster tutorials. I missed a few steps due the accident today. It's supposed to be a mummified spirit with maggots.
  3. Mechanical: Want To Have Coffin Lid Move When Step On Mat

    Halloween Props
    Hi - I created a coffin made out of light wood and I want the lid to go up when the Trick or Treaters step on the mat going up the steps. I am not mechanically or electrically inclined. I was looking on the Monster Guts site and I saw the Monster Prop Power Pack and the Pressure Step Mat that I...
  4. Trying To Make Coffin Lid Go Up When Trick or Treater Steps On Mat

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    Hi - I made a wooden coffin and I would like to have the lid go up and down when someone comes up to the porch. I am not mechanically or electrically inclined. I was looking at Monster Guts Monster Prop Power Pack to make the lid go up and down and I was looking at their pressure step mat to...
  5. Mechanical: Clown Coffin WIP

    Halloween Props
    I have been working on a Jack in the Box / Monster in a box hybrid prop. I wanted to do a Jack in the Box but did not want to mess with pneumatics and the box would be more expensive to build than the fence picket toe pincher. http://www.scarefx.com/project_coffin_2.html So I decided to keep...
  6. Monster Guts - Wiper Motors/Reindeer Motors+ NEW Monster in a Box 2.0

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    Greetings Haunters, If you are looking for a motor source, with fast, reliable shipping, look no further. We have wiper motors and reindeer motors ready to go. Almost all motor orders placed before 1:30pm PST ship same day! Monster Guts Motors Are you looking for a new and...
  7. Cam for a monster in a box

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys I am finishing up my monster in a box and was just trying to get some ideas on how everyone makes the cam wheel for the lid to move Thanks
  8. Static: Halloween Tree Prop

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, hoping to tap into everyone's experience and get some tips & thoughts. I am working on finishing up a part of my display for this year; it's going to be a tree, we have it framed with wood and then chicken wire to give it the form we want. It's almost 11 feet tall. After we framed...
  9. Dinosaur Dracula's 15th Halloween Countdown has started!

    General Halloween
    Love Matt! I've been reading his countdowns for years. First check the kick-off video... he's put together an awesome horror movie collage (and I'm not just saying that because I've seen almost every movie he used) and the song he uses... "Voices Carry"... so perfect...
  10. Static: Monster mud over masking tape?

    Halloween Props
    This year I decided to make a tree stump to hide my rising witch prop, but once I started work on it I realized it was a much bigger project that expected. My plan was to paper mache, but the tree has gotten large enough that it is a bit intimidating to think of several layers of paper mache on...
  11. ISO : Replacement part for Gemmy Life Size Monster

    Wanted to Buy
    In search or this piece pictured below for a repair of a Gemmy life sized party monster. It's the plastic neck collar assembly that fits into the base of head. With or without connectors doesn't matter . I'm sure someone has a life size out of commission in salvage condition that may be willing...
  12. Zombie, Tiki, Monster and Dino Ice Pops

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Bought a set of the Tiki Tivolo ice pop maker from Sur La Table the other day (16.00). Comes with 4 silicone molds, sticks and holding tray. Was in Bed Bath & Beyond this morning and they sell the Tivolo items separately (9.99 molds, 4.99 tray) so you can mix and match or just buy more sleeves...
  13. Monster Guts new 3 axis skull elite

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone here bought one of the new 3 axis skull elite's from Monster Guts? Im curious if they are that much better than their standard kits. I built a 3 axis skull out of the standard kit and I was pleased but if the elite kit is that much bettter I'd probably buy one. I wish Monster Guts...
  14. Prop Showcase: New Mask / Bust ...of a classic monster Hulk

    Halloween Props
    Here is a new mask / bust (It can be foam filled or reinforced latex) Inspired by the character the Incredible Hulk. He was sculpted out of Wed clay and molded in ultracal, and then cast in latex. Added a sculpture pic at the bottom. This version was created to be not quite so angry/mean...
  15. Looking for Gemmy life size count vigor and brain monster

    Wanted to Buy
    If anyone has a Gemmy count vigor that they're willing to sell for a reasonable price I'd be very interested in buying it whether it's working or non working. I've always wanted one for years to add to my collection. I just can't find any for sale anywhere nowadays for a reasonable price...
  16. Midnight Monster Youtube Channel

    Horror Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a YouTube channel that is separate from my personal one called Midnight Monster. It's a partnership between myself and my friend Thad. Basically it's us making short movies. We have 3 so far and have more in various stages of development. Everything we do is out of our own...
  17. Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2016 Sale at Monster Guts starts now!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Greetings Fellow Monsters Makers: MONSTER GUTS - BLACK FRIDAY - CYBER MONDAY SALE - STARTS NOW! November 22 - November 28, 2016. We are offering 20% OFF on our top selling items - our Premium 2-Speed 12VDC Wiper Motor, Minion Prop Power Pack, Monster Prop Power Pack and Pneumatic Solenoid...
  18. Protecting props from the rain and other weather

    General Halloween
    Hello ...out there So it is freezing here about 1degree celsius and I just witnessed some white stuff floating around ...yes snow So what is everybody using to protect their creations (tombstones or monster mud creatures )from the snow and rain? Would like to keep the paint from running and...
  19. Unique Halloween Decorations

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    Classic Monster items and Halloween Crafts... https://www.etsy.com/shop/HOLIDAYODDITIES?ref=hdr_shop_menu&order=price_desc
  20. Need Costume Help: Theme is "Your Take on a Classic Movie Monster"

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So the example is Frankenberry, but it can be anything. Classic movie monsters includes ANY movie monster (including Freedy, Jason, etc.). I'm looking for any ideas--cool, funny, whatever. Party is the 29th, so I'm running out of time. Please help!