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  1. Halloween Music
    The 18th Annual Monster Mashup Is Here!!! "The Monster Mashup That Wouldn't Die" (2021) Download Free!! Happy Halloween! Enjoy!
  2. Halloween Music
    The Annual Monster Mashup Album is now released. Get it HERE!!! Featuring two new Monster Mashups by Stevo In Yr Stereo: Haunted House Horror (2020) Great Pumpkin Rock (2020)
  3. Blog
    3 Days Till Halloween 10/28/2013 Halloween is almost here! It’s been a good preseason … I’ve listened to more Halloween-related music than I’ve probably ever listened to before. I’ve seen plenty of Halloweenish flicks, from the old (The Inner Sanctum Mysteries with Lon Chaney, Jr. along with...
1-3 of 3 Results