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  1. Circus Theme Wrap-Up Video

    Halloween Props
    Over the past couple months, I've posted videos of several circus-themed projects. Following is a video of the completed display, but, first, some notes on the props: Rooftop Unicycle Skelly -- In short, it ran but required constant checks (like every 10 minutes) to reset its starting point so...
  2. Monster Guts - Wiper Motors/Reindeer Motors+ NEW Monster in a Box 2.0

    For Sale By Merchants
    Greetings Haunters, If you are looking for a motor source, with fast, reliable shipping, look no further. We have wiper motors and reindeer motors ready to go. Almost all motor orders placed before 1:30pm PST ship same day! Monster Guts Motors Are you looking for a new and...
  3. Pneumatic: Possesed Treasure Chest aka Monster in a box:

    Halloween Props
    Here's my take on the classic monster in a box. It's a possessed chest! When triggered the chest will light up leaking light from the cracks The padlock will start to rattle and a bit of smoke will seep out of the chest. The chest will then start kicking up and the lid flapping. More smoke...
  4. Mechanical: JCO's Monster In A Box

    Halloween Props
  5. Electronic/Software: Party hijinx; monster in a box, in a bathroom!

    Halloween Props
    Halloween party this weekend, and I need just one more scare for my guests. What better place to scare them than in the place they are most vulnerable... the bathroom! I'm taking the whole monster in a box concept (thanks BIGANT!) and modifying it for the bathroom. No, I'm not putting it in the...
  6. Mechanical: My Version of MIB

    Halloween Props
    For our Spooky Speakeasy party I was wanting to build a SIB, "Snitch In A Box", my remake of a MIB. I found an add on Craigslist for a company looking to get rid of old pallets and scrap wood. Score. Well when I got there, I came upon this......perfect! I also picked up a couple of large...
  7. Pneumatic: Start of my first monster in a box

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, Here are some photos of the start of my Monster in a box. I used two old pallets , broke them down and rebuilt them into the box. Then I used a set of old hinges I had for the cover. All the pneumatics for this build I purchased from frightprops. Looking forward to hooking up the...
  8. Prop Showcase: Show off your completed projects for Halloween 2015

    Halloween Props
    Now that we're only two months away from our big day, why not show off some of our completed projects (both big and small). I've only got two to show for now since the majority of my tombstones, monuments and cemetery fencing are waiting to be painted. It's been so hot here I haven't been...
  9. Static: MINI Monster in a box !

    Halloween Props
    I have wanted to build a Monster in a box since the first time I saw a video. But alas this year was filled with many other BIGGER projects. Then the other evening I got a brain storm. I will make a MINI-THING version. I had quit smoking about two years ago and had and inexpensive humidor just...
  10. Pneumatic: monster in a box

    Halloween Props
    My take on the monster in a box. I need to get a dimmer bulb I think. Sorry video is shaky I was afraid :). Now I have to figure out where to hide the compressor so you can't see,steal or hear it. Any suggestions?
  11. Pneumatic: So I have these coffins......

    Halloween Props
    I built four coffins this year....I have people out there that I don't like. I was unable to fill the coffins with people that I don't like so I turned them into props instead. The first one is just a static display. The second one is a variation on the Monster in a Box theme.... I call mine...
  12. Mechanical: Monster Box is Finished!

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, We finally got this done yesterday and I think it looks great. Sorry for the low quality video but once again I had to use my phone :(. Also here is my new tombstone: I tried a completely different technique so let me know how you think it turned out. Thanks
  13. Prop Showcase: Mechanics for monster box finished

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, just an update on our monster box. We finally got the mechanics working right and now it's just some painting, timing, and finding a werewolf mask (no one seems to sell them in this city lol), and it will be ready for the big night. Post your comments good or bad and let me know...
  14. Mechanical: Monster in the Box - Wiper Motor - HELP

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, So basically i have been inspired to create my very own Monster in the Box prop using a basic wiper motor, however, I'm from the UK so I am finding it difficult to get help. I think I may be able to get a wiper motor from a scrapped car my Grandad owns but I do not know how to...
  15. MIB sound effects and help

    Halloween Music
    I've found a few sounds I like of beasts/monsters growling and agitated, etc. I wouldn't mind having some low growls and such rolling around but I was wondering if there's anyway to rig up a sound or sounds to play only when the lid is triggered to slap up and down. Now I'm not very...
  16. Mechanical: 12ft Devil Head, Killer Clown, Exorcist and Blucky Corpses! WHEW!!

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! My wife and I have been hard at work creating new props for our upcoming "Famous Monsters Ball". I have attached a video of a Killer Clown in my shed, which is attached to my deck. The shed is always my pet project for the year. The devil face will be a facade surrounding the...
  17. Pneumatic: Finally, my Monster in a Box is finished

    Halloween Props
    After months of working on this project, I received the Nerve Center from Monster Guts to put the finishing touches on this prop. I'm looking for a good way to age the wood without leaving in outside. Any suggestions would be appreciated. YouTube - Monster in a box :: MIB How-To