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  1. Electronic/Software: AtmosFX Unliving Portrait

    Halloween Props
    Hi, Here's my take in the AtmosFX unliving portrait. Controlled by a Raspberry Pi Zero, PIR activated. The project would be a lot simpler if the monitor had hdmi and USB, but it was a old monitor by father was going to throw away and I thought I know what I can use that for.
  2. Static: Haunted Mirror DiY

    Halloween Props
    Need help ! Trying to had a Haunted Miror for my next halloween haunt. I have a glass lying around and bought some mirror tint to put on it to do the two way mirror effect. I am still unsure about what i'm gonna do with it, either i put a head prop behind it with a light and motion detector for...
  3. Electronic/Software: Need an inexpensive video player for a computer monitor

    Halloween Props
    As part of my "mad scientist" lab panel I have a computer monitor. I need an inexpensive media player that will support either VGA or DVI output to play a video loop. I don't care if it needs to be started manually. It just needs to play a loop continuously. Last year I used a laptop with my...
  4. Electronic/Software: Electrical question

    Halloween Props
    I have a question for the more electrically inclined. I have an outlet outside the house for plugging in my Halloween decorations but the trouble is that I need to run multiple extension chords and then multi plugs to each individual item. I also have some items that are running on 12 V and 5 V...
  5. Electronic/Software: Mirror Mirror Variation

    Halloween Props
    I really wanted to come up with a (non-interactive) mirror mirror prop for this year, but I wasn't finding anything online. Several people have done an interactive version suing a Raspberry Pi, but that's way more complicated than what I want. I was looking for a prop for my party, not...
  6. Electronic/Software: Need help with monitor

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I picked up a monitor from Spirit today. It is one that was used for the Atmosfear FX display. Problem there is no input/output for sound, and there are only inputs for SD card and USB. I have the living Portraits MP4 file on USB thumb drive and it plays fine, but no sound. What can I use...
  7. Electronic/Software: Zombie in a box

    Halloween Props
    I've been thinking of a quick build of a dishwasher cardboard box with a rectangle cut out and a monitor in place with speakers inside playing one of the videos from atmosfearfx zombie invasion. I would paint the box black and add biohazard and zombie warning signs on the outside. It's something...