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  1. Original sculpts to be molds

    Original sculpts to be molds

  2. Static: Anyone know where I can find...

    Halloween Props
    I got these Reaper busts a few years ago at the Dollar Tree but they haven't had them since. I use them for the top of my small pillars for the cemetery but need a few more. If anyone has any clue where to get them let me know! I thought about casting my own but haven't had the best...
  3. Mechanical: At one time there was a webpage to some of the bguys, whom built...est DIY

    Halloween Props
    Hello all.... There was a group of guys who loved to build and create Cemetery Fences, Gargoyles, columns ect. The name of their web page was called "Wolfstone"....Does anyone know of their whereabouts? I have some Gargoyle Latex molds that I would like to build a frame -support for the, use a...
  4. Static: What would you use for this?

    Halloween Props
    Okay, so I am not that great at carving and I really would like to add some cool details to my tombstones that I will be making this coming year. I found these really cool molds for concrete and plaster that I thought would look pretty good on the tombstones. Here is an example of one. The...
  5. Static: Protecting blow molds from the sun/fading?

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, so I have a humble collection of blow molds and my idea for a halloween haunt this year will be to have all the ones shown in the picture outside in the front lawn for a makeshift pumpkin patch of sorts. I'll have hale bays, tombstones, some fencing I built and other things out there...
  6. Static: Tombstones

    Halloween Props
    anyone done this using wooden molds or silicon? any how to video's available?
  7. Static: What's the best sort of paint for repainting blow molds that have faded?

    Halloween Props
    Was attempting to repaint one that had faded with some Rust-Oleum paint/primer spray for plastics that I picked up from Home Depot. The blow mold pumpkin I was working on turned out looking really good but the paint tends to scratch or flake off somewhat easily. Any better ideas/advice out...
  8. Halloween props trash/dumpster

    General Halloween
    Showcase your Halloween props found in trash or dumpster, I have found around 3 life sizes myself and tons of blow molds and lit Christmas figures
  9. 3 New Wilton Pretzel Molds $6 + shipping

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    So as I was going through my Halloween stuff this year I found that I have 3 sets of these Wilton Halloween pretzel molds all brand new :eek: In an effort to combat my hoarding tendencies I thought I would offer two of the sets for sale. There are 3 molds per set, one does the witch fingers...
  10. Latex Mold Making: Skulls on the Cheap.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Welcome to the new and hopefully improved latex mold tutorial. At the very least, I have a more secure picture host. As with most my recent tutorials, I will break it down via a series of direct links in the top post here to work as a directory. I'll turn these into links as I type up each...
  11. Other: Mold making and casting ????

    Halloween Props
    I would love to be able to create an alginate hand mold as well as a silicone hand. Both the mold and the silicone hand can be seen in these videos. I live in the uk and would prefer not to order from overseas. Amazon uk sells this alginate set .... Alginate Regular Set 454g: Amazon.co.uk...