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  1. Halloween Props
    So for my haunt this year I need skulls (LOTS of skulls) and have so far been trying to meet my number using the milk jug skull method and by doing only half-skull melts (left, right, or front). I've gotten a good 15+ skull halves doing this, but my approximate amount I need is closer to 100 and...
  2. Halloween Crafts
    All molding and casting products can be found at smoothon.com
  3. Halloween Prop Building Group
    This is the instructor's thread for the third project of 2016, Molding a Skull. UnOrthodOx is the instructor and he will be posting the materials list and start date soon.. Please note this thread is for the instructor's use only. Please post all questions and comments in the student's thread...
  4. Halloween Prop Building Group
    This is the student's thread for the third project of 2016, Molding a Skull. UnOrthodOx will be the instructor. This is where you'll post your questions, comments and your progress during the build.
  5. Halloween Props
    Hi all..I am doing hansel and gretel house for a fund raiser and I am making candies etc to attach to a board for front of little house. I found an aluminum cake pan in the shape of a cupcake at thrift store and thought I could do some lightweight molds and paint and attach to board. After I got...
  6. Announcements / Press Releases
    After an eye opening trip to Mask Fest 2014, I have decided to start my own Halloween mask studio out of my basement. Inspired by a love for vintage Halloween, horror movies and masks I will be creating all new plastic masks like the ones we all wore when we were kids. Only without the clumsy...
  7. Halloween Props
    Just finished sculpting this guy. Chavant NSP Medium clay. I used one of the Skull Shoppe's excellent models as a reference. Molding it next for what I hope will turn into a pretty cool project.
  8. General Halloween
    Does anyone know where to buy ultracal 30 around the Lincoln or Omaha Nebraska area? I know may online stores carry it buy shipping is about the same price as the product. =) I've been searching the internet for hours.......grrrrr..... Thanks in advance!
1-8 of 8 Results