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  1. Halloween Props
    Seeking a DMX trigger MP3 player. I am familiar with the Fright Ideas BooTunes MP3 Player, but at $129 it seems a bit expensive. At ~$30, this MP3 Module seems like a good price but I am not exactly sure how to wire this to DMX. Do I use something like this TTL to RS485 Adapter Module? I am...
  2. Halloween Props
    This is my big build for this year. Its a modular design six drawer morgue featuring overhead lighting (the center light flickers) clock, pressure gage, tempt gage, power buttons & water pipe.
  3. Halloween Props
    With all of the props I plan on placing in our yard this year, I really want to install a "spooky" fence to keep kids out and provide limited protection against theft. I have seen several build pages to make your own fence out of wood and PVC. Some of them look really nice but honestly it looks...
  4. Halloween Props
    Ok so my first post, (seen some great stuff on here so far). I'm planning a quite ambitious high fantasy inspired dungeon (rather than a dedicated 'haunt though could be ramped up in intensity for different ages) as a live action adventure game for children primarily 7/12 years. Think classic...
1-4 of 4 Results