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  1. Looking for a good web caster; opinions

    General Halloween
    In the market for a really good web gun. Webs will be primarily in an enclosed building or covered area. I know there are quite a range of models available so wondering who has what, if you like it, pros/cons/etc.. Thanks!
  2. Mechanical: Any prop builders out there good with CAD programs?

    Halloween Props
    I need the help of someone who is good with CAD programs who can create 3D models that can be 3D printed. I have some 3D models made as a starting point, but I want to be able to modify and complete them, or use them as a basis for creating new ones. Please contact me an we'll talk if this is you.
  3. Halloween Weather

    General Halloween
    Well, we're getting closer & maybe now the weather folks can get us a little better forecast. Here's a GFS model/map for Halloween for the Mid-Atlantic region. GFS (global forecast system) isn't always reliable & most models aren't this far out but it's a good educated guess really.
  4. Other Scale Halloween Villages 2015

    Halloween Crafts
    I could not find a thread about this topic, so if there is one somewhere please let me know. I am working on a Halloween Village this year, mostly consisting of the 2014 & 2015 Tombstone Corners figures and buildings obtained from the Dollar Tree. So far my terrain is very simple, nothing...
  5. Familiar with Monstrology Models? It's back.

    Horror Discussion
    Back in the '90s, Monstrology Models produced some of the best resin monster kits ever made. Some of the most popular included William Paquet's Edison Frankenstein and John Barrymore Mr. Hyde. The kits are making a comeback, thanks to Fritz Frising, the Headless Hearseman. Some folks here may...