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  1. Candles for outside decor.

    General Halloween
    Ok, guys. I'm looking for some advice and suggestions Who here has used REAL candles for outdoor decor? Are there some kinds that are better than others? Tricks to keeping things lit? I've used real candles in both pumpkins and glass jars, and a couple of the '7 day candles' from...
  2. Zulily 2017

    General Halloween
    It's Halloween mixed with fall & Christmas, but they've got some stuff up. https://www.zulily.com/e/covered-for-christmas-to-halloween-222476.html Got these:
  3. Sound File Mix I Made That I Call "Forbidden Wind"

    Halloween Music
    I took a whole bunch of haunting sounds files, and I mixed them together with Goldwave. The last two Halloweens that we were in NY I played this file on a loop out our front window. It sounded great echoing in the cool night air. Use it as you please...
  4. Pneumatic: Poison Props animatronics best scare?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys I have been looking at poisonprops.com never bought from them before they sure have some cool animatronics expensive but amazing to say none the less. Any of you have a favorite from them? I have 3 that I like so far which one would scare someone the most. My theme is mixed so any of...
  5. Inflatables mixed with life size?

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone here again, i dont have a franky for my mad lab... wont have one for a while but.... ive seen inflatables for really cheap. do you think it would look ok if i mixed inflatables with life size props?
  6. Electronic/Software: Projection Mapping

    Halloween Props
    I am planning on doing a projection mapping onto a marquee this Halloween. This will be with the intention of transforming it into an interactive visual of a witches house. The projector handles the sizing fine (roughly a 6x2m area). What I need is a relatively inexpensive material that would...
  7. Removable stain glass window help

    I am looking at a way to make a stain glass window effect for a roof window. it needs to be removable and light weight. was thinking some type of coloured films, but seem to remember seeing a kids show where they mixed PVA glue mixed with paint to make patches that would stick to window once...
  8. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown theme

    General Halloween
    Hi All, Here is this year's "haunt", if you would even call it that... Everything was created with 1/4" plywood and acrylic paints. I first sketched the images on wood, then cut the outlines with a jig saw and mixed paint to match the colors as closely as I could. I used a matte finish spray...
  9. Static: Granite or marble painting technique?

    Halloween Props
    I apologize in advanced if this is already covered somewhere in another thread or tutorial, but I didn't have any luck finding it. Can anyone share their technique for getting a granite/marble finish? I'm looking to build an obelisk this year and those are usually smoother and more white than...