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  1. Ultimate Halloween Video Mix Volume 4 (2019)

    Halloween Music
    I'mmmm backkkk!! Hehe šŸ˜„ Anywho, check out this 12 hour mix of all things halloween Music videos, commercials, news stories, cartoons, Halloween related short films, just a ton of fun packed into 12 hours of spookiness! Link is only good for like a week but I'll add it back occasionally :)...
  2. Suggestions for party playlist

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey groovy ghoulies, I'm starting to compile song possibilities for a Halloween party playlist and could use some help. My musical tastes run mostly toward classic rock from the 60s, 70s, and 80s with a little folk, new wave, and country thrown in here and there just to keep things interesting...
  3. Walmart Clearance Easter Candy Disguised for Halloween

    General Halloween
    Last year, I hit the Walmart Clearance shelves after Easter in search of half-priced candy for TOT. While most of it was packaged for Easter, I was able to get Sponge Bob Gummy Krabby Patties, Sixlets, Razzles, Nerds, and a large bag of Skittles/Starburst mix in regular colored packaging. I...
  4. 2018 Prop Weatherproofing Mistakes

    General Halloween
    Hi All, I have seen the various threads about water/weatherproofing props but still could use some help. Last year I made a few props that didn't last even a week in the rainy conditions of the general Seattle area. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me or maybe pointed to what I did...
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean music

    Halloween Music
    Just a mix I did. If anyone wants the mp3 version, let me know. [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ4RQ8UkrHI&feature=youtu.be
  6. In The Midnight Hour-Ultimate Halloween Mix Vol. 2 (2018)

    General Halloween
    Here it is! Volume 2 of my Ultimate Halloween Mixes! Chock full of movie tv spots,local happy halloween tv adverts,halloween commercials,and much,much more! 8 hours of goodies! Check it out! Download while you can and share! this link is only a week long time limit due to the site! In The...
  7. 2018 Halloween Mixes

    Halloween Music
    Here's what I've found so far. If you see more, add 'em below. If I feel frisky, I'll add them to this list. Dan Augustine's Halloween Hits ... Happy 15th Anniversary, Dan. Great mix this year. Spock's Record Round-up ... He's got an 80's mix and a rare vegetable-based (or is it a fruit?)...
  8. New Sam Haynes Halloween Abient and EDM music videos and more Happy Halloween 2018

    Halloween Music
    Hi everyone :D I have just released a full album of new halloween music for Halloween 2018 I'm very proud of this new release - it is half orchestral Haunt music and half queue music / electronic you can check some of it out on youtube below or stream the full CD on bandcamp - hope you enjoy...
  9. Halloween Animation Mix!

    General Halloween
    Well i made another mix! Hope you guys like it! It's got a mixture of animated music videos and cartoons! Here ya go! https://openload.co/f/ABdl-v4nkec/Halloween-Animation_Mix_%282018%29.avi
  10. Another Compilation of Horror Trailers? Why yes!!

    General Halloween
    So coming hot off the heels of my Ultimate Halloween Mix I'm making a mix of horror trailers! This one will take a long time but would anyone be interested in a copy?
  11. Static: Added something new

    Halloween Props
    Decided to add one of Sprits gargoyles to the mix.
  12. 199 halloween related music videos on you tube.

    Halloween Music
    Here's my own Halloween mix with over 199 videos of Halloween related music from old to new, heavy metal to soul and just about everything in between. Please be advised that some are not kid friendly so you will need to check through first. Hosted on you tube. All still available at time of...
  13. Atmosphere Effects: Ambient sound for a Cemetery

    Halloween Props
    I have, in the past, used a Boom Box, concealed, by the Driveway to set the tone for TOT's approaching the house. For years we used the soundtrack from the old Roy Scheider movie, "Sorcerer", but it was so freaky a lot of smaller kids refused to come up the drive... And I can't say I blame them...
  14. party dj mixed theme : 80 minutes of deranged and twisted tracks

    For Sale By Merchants
    Enjoy this well crafted, Themed dj mix for your next event / party . . . . based on 31 days of halloween movie idea. Contains 80 minutes of deranged and twisted tracks taking you thru a maze of nightmares, seances, haunted houses and zombies. featuring: Friday 13th, Halloween, Nightmare before...
  15. Candy Corn Mix

    General Halloween
    What's your special blend? My famous recipe is basic but effective. It's hard not to have a container sitting around with this filled (although it empties quickly) all October or earlier. Candy Corn Autumn Mix (Brach's) M & M Peanuts Honey Roasted Nuts (the fresher the better)
  16. Sound File Mix I Made That I Call "Forbidden Wind"

    Halloween Music
    I took a whole bunch of haunting sounds files, and I mixed them together with Goldwave. The last two Halloweens that we were in NY I played this file on a loop out our front window. It sounded great echoing in the cool night air. Use it as you please...
  17. Halloween Haunted House Deluxe Edition

    Halloween Music
    Halloween Haunted House: A Continuous Mix for the Ultimate Fright Night of Horror (Deluxe Edition) DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/j0bubd6izcmjq/hallhaunthouse
  18. Dont mix Great Stuff and hair mousse up...

    Haunted Humor
  19. Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I always wondered how they got the individual rice krispies colored differently, and so I put a cup of of them in a zip lock baggie and put in some red and yellow liquid food coloring and shook to coat them all, then took another cup and did the same with liquid black food coloring. Then I let...
  20. Halloween music

    Halloween Music
    Where could I find the scariest sound effects for my graveyard? I'm looking for really creepy but not repetitive stuff; A mix of all sorts of chilling sounds.