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  1. Atmosphere Effects: Ultrasonic Mist'er - for use in Terrariums. I want to use one in my pumpkin head :)

    Halloween Props
    I do not want a full on fogger coming out of the face of my pumpkin (that's just too much) but I would like a misty atmosphere for my green LEDs to pour though. Has anyone bought an Ultrasonic Mist producer on the cheap? It essentially atomizes water into a vapour. Any info would be much...
  2. Fog: Using a garden hose to disperse fog/mist

    Halloween Props
    So this is going to be my second year putting together my yard for Halloween. Last year I used the fog machines with some DIY chillers that worked nice enough but I wasn't quite getting the effect I wanted in my cemetery. My one friend thought it might be a good idea to use a garden hose that...
  3. Fog: Anyone ever done a PVC fog system?

    Halloween Props
    Looking to make a PVC fog mist system for my cemetery. Making a grid with holes to act like a mist coming off the ground. Anyone ever make one that I can look at? Or anyone ever make one and have it not work and can give me pointers on it?
  4. Fog: Pond fogger/mist maker

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone used the cheap led pond mist makers? Or Has anyone tried to hook up a fog machine to pump out from under water? I have one of those hard plastic kiddy pools and we are putting in a haunted forest scene this year. Thinking about trying to have one of the fog machines run thru a hose...
  5. Fog: Need Information On Mist Makers

    Halloween Props
    I have been searching the forum and found old dated information that does not give me conclusive answers. So I will start one! If you are familiar with the Burning Coals prop, I am planning on using that method but want to couple it with some type of fog. This prop will be made for my office...
  6. Fog: ultrasonic mist/fog makers

    Halloween Props
    Anybody on the forum have a good cheap source for ultrasonic mist makers? I prefer these water nebulizer devices to a regular fog machine, since in Michigan it can be tough to cool fog to a temperature that will stay low, whereas the ultrasonic fog generators create a heavy water based mist...