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  1. Halloween Props
    I know this has been asked tons of times but no one ever comes back and say what worked the best for them. I have a opening of 7'x14' to cover. I was thinking of using this Carl's Gray Rear Projection Film - Rear Projector Screen Material (Low Light, Rear Projection) I could make a frame and use...
  2. Halloween Props
    I've seen several ways to make funhouse mirrors and am wondering if anyone knows of a way to make mirrors with superior results. By "superior" I mean without ripples and with a nearly true mirror quality reflection. Thanks.
  3. Halloween Props
    2019's theme is going to be my take on the Lost Dutchmans Mine in Arizona. So far I've got the mine cart done and and an Infinity mirror. The infintinty mirror was done according to the one Eerie Acres did on his youtube channel and turned out awesome. I'll post more as I build through out the...
  4. Halloween Crafts
    cricut vinyls everywhere from my appliances and mirror crows.To pumpkins and tombstones.Do you use it for Halloween?
  5. Halloween Props
    Need help ! Trying to had a Haunted Miror for my next halloween haunt. I have a glass lying around and bought some mirror tint to put on it to do the two way mirror effect. I am still unsure about what i'm gonna do with it, either i put a head prop behind it with a light and motion detector for...
  6. Halloween Props
    Simple DIY project to add a little touch of Haunted Mansion to your Halloween decor. Full how to listed in YouTube video description
  7. Halloween Props
    Wall of Wonder / Magic Mirror I have seen the haunted picture frames and the smart lcd mirrors and wanted to do something that combined the 2 ideas. Started last fall when I came across this nice looking oval mirror frame. (this image was taken after cutting acrylic to size and applying the...
  8. General Halloween
    I'm looking to buy the Spirit Halloween Bloody Mary magic mirror, I know this was released in 2011 but just wanted to see if anyone has one they would like to part with at a reasonable price.
  9. Halloween Props
    It's me again! 1. A "Fright Lights" reaper. Says 3 phrases. I don't know anything about him other that the year he was made, which was 2007. I got him off of eBay new in the box. 2. A crystal skull from Lowe's. I got him in store from back when our local Lowe's actually had a lot of...
  10. Halloween Props
    I'm a fan of horror movies ever since I was younger. I know I won't find the exact one one from the movie, I'd like to find a creepy mirror in general. Ever since I've watched the movie Oculus, I've always wanted to own a creepy mirror that I can hang up inside my bedroom around Halloween time...
  11. Halloween Props
    This has Halloween written all over it, not cheap 6-10 K. Is anyone using one of these? https://fotomasterltd.net/products/mirror-me-booth/
  12. Wanted to Buy
    Hi All, Planning on building a mirror prop with a two way mirror and the sprite video player from frightprops. Does anyone have or recommend clips that that would go well for this? Would like to have the clip triggered with a foot pad when the trick or treaters approach the mirror for candy. :)
  13. General Halloween
    Hello All, I have a Magic Mirror routine in which I use a digital puppet from Imagineerieing.com. I have done the routine from 2009 through 2013 at my parents house. The past two years I had done something else at that location, but this year I wanted to return to the Magic Mirror routine...
    Hi, could someone post a tutorial on the bottomless pit effect using the plexiglass and mirror?
  15. Halloween Props
    Finally!!!!!! It's finished..............well for now! So here is my hearse with its talking skeleton, horse, and of course its huge infinity mirror illusion in the rear window!!!! Let me know what you think!!!!!!
  16. Halloween Props
    Hello haunters, I want to build a bottomless pit prop this year and have already watched a few "how to" videos about it. My first step was going to be to get a couple pieces of plexiglass from Lowe's and take it to the auto glass tinting store and have it done right. However, the guy at the...
  17. Halloween Props
    I really wanted to come up with a (non-interactive) mirror mirror prop for this year, but I wasn't finding anything online. Several people have done an interactive version suing a Raspberry Pi, but that's way more complicated than what I want. I was looking for a prop for my party, not...
  18. Halloween Props
    I was thinking about attempting the bottomless pit prop for Halloween 2016. I know the general idea is to have one one-way mirror with the reflective side down suspended above a regular mirror. But my question is about the lighting. Does this prop only work if the area that it's in is almost...
1-19 of 47 Results