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  1. Needing singing faces LOR sequence

    Halloween Props
    Halloween will be here before I know it, and like always I'll be waiting til the last minute for everything. Is there anyone on here who I could get some singing face LOR sequences from for Halloween? May even pay if they are good. Typical stuff, monster mash, thriller, this is halloween, etc. I...
  2. New BIG SCARY SHOW: 7th Annual Spooktacular

    Announcements / Press Releases
    BIG SCARY SHOW – EPISODE 182 – 7 YEARS OF FEAR Episode 182 April 13, 2012 episode 1 of the Big Scary Show went on the air, and here we are, 7 years old and 181 episodes later. The Roundtable of Terror is a retrospective of the last seven years, as well as what to expect in the coming years, as...
  3. Halloween on a budget that worked great!

    Member Introduction
    Last minute decorations made cars slow down and was a hit with trick or treaters. We ran out of candy after an hours and a half in a neighborhood here in Michigan which is normally very quiet. We had over 90 families with multiple kids in tow. I created a congruent theme of a classic...
  4. Static: Pirate ship and all things Pirates

    Halloween Props
    Setting up a pirate themed room next year in our towns big haunted house. Need ideas on a realistic pirate ship, about 8-10 feet long max. Also any decorating ideas all being pirate related. Already have a hammock and jail planned. Interested in seeing photos of all your past pirate haunts...
  5. Newbie

    Member Introduction
    Hi, Robin from Sweden here. A teachers that just has built my very first Haunted House. Writing a DIY thread about it with lots of pictures and movies that will be up any minute =)
  6. I'm Not Dead!!!

    Member Introduction
    Hello my Halloween Forum Family! I just wanted to post that I am not dead! I have been away from the site for awhile, due to the fact that work and life has gotten busy. I have also been hired by a major professional haunt here in CT , but I won't mention the name out of respect for Halloween...
  7. Static: Last minute rush for 7'x8' garage door scrim???

    Halloween Props
    Sorry for the last minute, super specific issue, but.... I have a 3rd stall*** I'd like to project on to from behind. It will be cleaner and safer to back project than to put the projector out on the drive way. I am looking for a cheap and super easy way to set this up tonight. The door area...
  8. Electronic/Software: Haunted Mansion Holiday prop/audio help

    Halloween Props
    So as some of you may or may not know i have singing pumpkin prop that is similar to the one seen in the HMH that sings a 1 minute loop with scary Christmas soundtrack. So i planned on setting up these graveyard band ghost cutouts I made and play the graveyard ensembley soundtrack by them which...
  9. Static: Help with a foam project

    Halloween Props
    Hi all - I'm making a 5-foot-tall stake for a burning at the stake costume. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute!) I'm going to have the stake tied around me, so a rough rope will be rubbing on the foam all night. I used pink foam, so it's somewhat dense on its own, but do you think I...
  10. Disappointment

    General Halloween
    Uggggggggg! I had extra money for my budget this year so I purchased a last minute prop from Halloween Express that would make my haunt all the more epic. It was last minute and I paid xtra to have it shipped faster. I was putting the prop together and only had two more parts to put together...
  11. Great site for FREE background sounds and music

    Halloween Music
    http://tabletopaudio.com/ You can use their soundboard to customize the 10 minute loop. Found it on reddit yesterday
  12. Plan Nine From Outer Space. Original Soundtrack Recording

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/6pxmq3ipvkx7xngbcwk0gisw3qdr199s A LITTLE BACKGROUND INFO CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://graverobbersfromouterspace.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/plan-9-soundtrack-album-music-by-quadriplegics/ Tot UNFORTUNATELY THIS RECORDING WAS DONE IN ONE LONG 70 MINUTE...
  13. Need a last minute gift for your favorite haunter?

    For Sale By Merchants
    If anyone is looking for that last minute gift for the haunter on their list, Spider Hill Prop Works now has gift certificates available on our site. We have them in $25, $50, and $100 denominations. Click the image below!
  14. Last minute setup for my yard

    General Halloween
    I was unable to work on any new projects or put up a big display as I usually do each year due to some unfortunate events this year. Here's a last minute setup though with my 6 year old neck massager operated creeps the clown
  15. Last Minute Speakers?

    General Halloween
    Well, just icing on the cake of a rough set up this year, I dropped my skull speaker from a very low height and it no longer works... It was the only thing I had to run my soundtrack. I loved it because it blended in, ran off its own battery, and put out decent quality sound. Anyone have any...
  16. Last minute costume finds at Goodwill (Gilroy CA)

    General Halloween
    I was in CVS in Gilroy and at the last minute decided to run into Goodwill next door. OMG what great costumes, wigs etc they still have! And I thought decent prices. I left with two long nurses dresses and a doctor's jacket (labeled Grey's Anatomy tv show merchandise, perfect for hubby) which...
  17. Scary 2.30 minute film, very well done.

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone, I found this short 2 minute film and it is very well done and I wanted to share it with you guys. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=794724963896399
  18. Show your Photo Op!

    General Halloween
    Was wondering if anyone was interested in showing their Halloween Photo Op. I was not planning on doing one but it came together quickly at the last minute and it turned out to be a hit.Please show your set up so maybe we can share inspiration
  19. Lighting: Last minute prop - Rack of Vials

    Halloween Props
    I made a last minute prop - Rack of vials I bought a cheap unfinished vial rack from ebay and stained in a weathered gray. Once dry I dusted it with flat black spray paint - holding the can about 3 feet away applying the paint in short bursts. I used the a few drops of ink from bright...
  20. YAY!!! I got my roaming antique doll from spirit AND I figured out a trigger start

    Halloween Props
    I was getting frustrated about finding this doll I wanted and she was sold out online, I called our store Saturday morning because they get in a shipment on Friday afternoons. They had gotten one in and said they would hold it if I came right then. I zipped over and grabbed her. I LOVE HER...