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  1. GravenWood yard haunt 2014

    General Halloween
    The weather in Central VA ended up being great for a Halloween night...cool temps and minimal wind. more pics here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk2ksGmK
  2. Are your neighbors stepping up?

    General Halloween
    Went driving around my neighborhood to check out if my neighborhood is stepping up to the plate, counted 9 houses with decorations albeit some were minimal but at least they had something. How's it coming along in your area?
  3. Other Eerie Primitive Wreath

    Halloween Crafts
    This is our latest Halloween wreath we will be hanging over our fireplace during the month of October. This one took some work and a lot of time and patience. It needed to look bare and dead without putting too much clutter, making the wreath appear very busy. I was trying to achieve a minimal...