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  1. Member Introduction
    Each year at Halloween time I seem to have a new computer and lose the link to this page. I use to love making props. I have one of those brains that looks at some random junk and and finds some way to use it for a prop. Now I unfortunately have a condition that makes my mind very foggy. There...
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas
    My planning consists mostly of planning my costume(since I live in an apartment with my mother, and she doesn't really like Halloween decorations), and I think about and look forward to that all year. I usually change my mind a lot and don't know for sure what to be until summer. What about you...
  3. General Halloween
    Yeah, I just don't think the pirate thing is going to do it for me after all. :( I hate the idea of starting over but it's not like I've really built a lot or spent any money on it. And I'm not even sure what I would change it to at this point. Something using skeletons, for sure, as I did just...
  4. General Halloween
    Pirates aren't my thing, so I didn't save the link.... A guy at work mentioned he was thinking of building a pirate playset for his kids. I recall someone on here making a pirate boat for their party that people were actually able to get on. Anyone recall? Have I lost my mind?
  5. Halloween Props
    Has anyone had any experience using the addressable pixel led's yet? I have a new project in mind that uses these. Thanks, Pete
  6. Member Introduction
    We wait all year, and FINALLY! the time has come. Just want to remind everyone to enjoy themselves tonight - but always keep safety in the front of your mind. Its dark out there - be cautious and careful!!! Have a great evening! -Drac
  7. Halloween Props
    very rough idea of what I have in mind . Coffin needs lined and finished and headless needs more grooming and some detailing but....
  8. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm doing a mental hospital scene in our haunted house and I'm not sure what I should wear. This is what the room will look like...will basically be like a surgery that went terribly wrong! I'll have blood splattered everywhere...all over the walls. I'll have a patient on a table with guts...
  9. General Halloween
    I was doing some "open air freelance recycling" (dumpster diving) And I came across some 9" wooden letters like the ones pictured below. Not sure what they spelled out before I came across them but I would like to use them in my "Carn-Evil" theme this year. With the props and other things I am...
21-29 of 30 Results