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  1. Halloween Props
    I'm looking to get started in Arduino and need some basic directions to get started...and a project. I'm a former engineer, so soldering/assembly isn't an issue. Can someone help out? This has probably been asked a million times, sorry. I'd appreciate any direction. Thanx! Scott
  2. Wanted to Buy
    I'd like to make two of these for my dinner party (20-22 people). Where would you buy just skulls, the cheapest? Don't want to fork out a million dollars. I've seen the Dollar Tree skulls, but they look pretty crappy...
  3. General Halloween
    OK, so we got a neighbour who volunteers at a Cat Shelyer. They always have a tough time finding homes, you know how it is. Somebody there had a Brainstorm. Hey, you live near Wolfman's house! They get a million kids a year at Halloween! Ask Wolfman if he'd be interested in GIVING AWAY BABY...