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  1. Pirates and Sea Witches ... Halloween Dinner Party 2019

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I have decided that I will do a Dinner Party for Halloween 2019 ... Pirates and Sea Witches ... and this will be held on a Pirate Ship where Pirates and Sea Witches will attend a sit down dinner. I have had a bit of time on my hands and have been scouring Pinterest and HF to find some type of...
  2. Prop Showcase: Halloween 2018 Video update - Thanks to you all for inspiration!

    Halloween Props
    Hello all - I finally am getting around to posting a brief video of last year's setup. This was taken the night before Halloween and does not have footage of the massive amounts of fog we put out and the hundred of kids that showed up. I also should have pulled the car out of the driveway before...
  3. Help with indoor Hollusion projection for office

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello, I want to create a Hologram of the witching Hour in the middle of the office but need any advice on how to place the projector so eliminate the bleeding of the image in a wall or ceiling.
  4. Electronic/Software: Skeleton tree lunger

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I recently bought this Halloween skeleton tree lunger from Big Lots. It has a motion and sound activation function, but does not seem to be working for me. There is a try me button attached to it and that works quite well. I was wondering if anyone knew how I might be able to extend the...
  5. Female inline or slide-on plugs for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Female Inline or Slide-on Plugs for sale: these are brand new vampire female inline plugs for 18awg, SPT-1 wire; standard extension cord wire. Quantity: 100 New they cost $75, I'll sell them for $50. PM me your zip code for a shipping cost These are very convenient to use. Instead of running...
  6. Prop Showcase: Modifying 18" fiberglass skulls from Home Depot

    Halloween Props
    Picked up these last year from HD and was inspired as our house has a cemetery theme. I wanted to mount them on the columns on either side of our front door so I cut the back of the skulls off using a jig saw and then epoxied a piece of wood towards the top to act as a mount. Originally they...
  7. Electronic/Software: Any have a picture or diagram of Helga fortune teller wiring?

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I recently purchased a Helga the fortune teller MR124150 off a local for sale forum. The prop is complete but the previous owner removed the plug in wiring pins from the circuit board to disassemble for storage. I was curious if anyone has this prop and can take a picture of the circuit...
  8. Static: Question on foam tombstones.

    Halloween Props
    Over the years I went through various methods of making tombstones. My first go was using a sheet of particle board I had on hand to make my first 3. They were heavy and the weather hasn't been kind to them. I made some out of cardboard with wood dividers in the middle and coated them to make...
  9. Raven's Grin Inn � Mt Carroll, IL

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    New Article="GOOD!" She is a young woman , writing for a local tourist magazine, but guess what? She got everything RIGHT! I am Very Happy with the work that she did. (Now if the photographer could have only taken a picture of the back of my head, instead of my old, scary face! ) Plain to...
  10. Another newbie!

    Member Introduction
    Hey everybody! I ran across this forum through Pinterest, looking for cool Halloween decorations so I thought I'd cut out the middle man and just come and join up. You all are great at what you're doing, keep it up! And have a great weekend.
  11. Static: Tentacle ground breaker

    Halloween Props
    So I've been working on a paper mache tentacle ground breaker... Still needs to be urethaned so the finished product will have a satin finish. At it's highest point it's about 16" off the ground. There is a 8" length of 1.5" PVC in the middle for a staking rod. I'm planning on doing a bunch of...
  12. WTB Dancing Zombies with Organ player Inflatable

    Wanted to Buy
    If anyone has a dancing/twirling zombie couples with the organ player in the middle Gemmy inflatable for sale, please let me know. It looks like this: Thanks
  13. Little Haunters, Don't Dispare

    General Halloween
    I am a little Haunter too. Very good things can happen , even in a little Haunt, and to YOU! Last night,late I received two messages,one from a Halloween forum person, telling me that on "Haunters Hangout' Leonard Pickel was giving a long interview. (LIVE) The question was something like:"Has...
  14. How do I build a Halloween set?

    General Halloween
    I am creating a room to use for photography and video. I want the illusion of the background to look like a I am in the middle of a realistic looking zombie apocalypse that is outdoors. The completed pictures and video should have at least the illusion of being three-dimensional. I...
  15. Static: My New Butler

    Halloween Props
    So a dear friend of mine asked if I would like to have this prop. Another friend of her's apparently didn't want it any more. It arrived on Saturday night in the middle of my Halloween party. I know exactly where he will go for the next party. Pretty cool if you ask me.
  16. How to find local haunts and haunters?

    General Halloween
    I live on Fort Collins, CO. I've been looking for fellow haunters for years. I'd put myself in the middle of the pack when it comes to haunts that I see people posting and talking about on this board. To all my neighbors it is borderline extreme, but compared to you folks, again, middle of the...