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  1. Electronic/Software: Pirate Haunt 2018

    Halloween Props
    Here's my pirate haunt so far. Need to add the audio to my talking skeletons and parrot and to my drinking pirate out in the yard, but overall I'm happy with the results. The blue LED lights always look really harsh in the video, but I think I need to make some adjustments on them regardless. My...
  2. Dead Eye Drake microphone?

    Wanted to Buy
    Were can I purchase a Dead Eye Drake Skeleton Pirate Microphone?
  3. Electronic/Software: 2006 Gemmy Pirate Skeleton Price?

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone tell me the general price range the 2006 animated pirate skeleton from Gemmy goes for these days? I have one in storage and I'm looking to possibly sell it but can't find any for sale/that have sold recently so I have no idea what to list it for. Mine is missing the AC adapter and...
  4. Other: Microphone effects?

    Halloween Props
    I had to replace the microphone I had for years. The new one does not have a built in echo feature like the old one did. Can anyone recomend a cheap effects box for a Halloween type microphone effect? Is a Mini Microphone Mixer with integrated echo effect what I'm looking for?
  5. Prop Showcase: Home Depot Tony Bony Talking Skeleton

    Halloween Props
    A few days ago I was looking at homedepot.com just to see if they had any Halloween props online yet. I found they actually had several including some new ones like their 9’ tall Tyrannosaurs Skeleton. One item that particularly interested me was the Gemmy KD Tony Bony animated talking...
  6. Prop Showcase: First Scare of 2016. A record.

    Halloween Props
    Caught neighbors peeking before Halloween. Hit them with the tree microphone and it didn't even cost me any candy. http://www.snydercentral.com/halloween/H2016/2016FirstScare.mp4
  7. Testing my microphone: Looking for feedback!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I recently was able to get a new microphone thanks to a mini fundraiser I did awhile back. It's exciting to have it, but I've still got to do a lot of testing and fussing to figure out how to use it right. I was hoping some folks here could listen to the test videos and let me know how the sound...
  8. Other: Help! Interactive Prop

    Halloween Props
    Hi all! I am in a bit of a pickle. A few years ago I used to have a Gemmy Witch w/ Fogging Cauldron (Microphone version). All the kids in the neighborhood loved it because I was able to interact with them through the microphone. It sure creeped them out. As most Gemmy props do, it broke. The...
  9. Mechanical: Boris Talking skull

    Halloween Props
    Had someone give me a skull that sits on a black plastic base and has a long wire that attaches to a microphone that looks like a bone. Is this a Boris talking skull that I have seen mentioned here before? Just wondering what kind of ideas y'all might have for one of these. Can the microphone...