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  1. Halloween Props
    In the spirit of using what I have around I really wanted a scream box this year but couldn't handle price of some so I made my own with a arduino, arduino prototype shield, Micro SD card reader, PIR sensor, 1/4th inch audio jack, small guitar amp, a few wires, a switch and a few days of...
  2. Halloween Props
    Not sure if this is of any value but Electronic Goldmine has a bunch of surplus Arduino micro controllers that appear pretty cheap.
  3. General Halloween
    For the last two years I have been designing and building a micro haunt for a family and friends 5K at work (we usualy have about 5 volentiers) So here is this years, the theme was "the mad lab"
  4. Halloween Props
    My budget is about 200$. I don't think a small (6 inch or less) fog machine can be bought for less than one grand, so I am making my own. I need the fog machine to be battery operated, and hopefully small enough to fit inside a shirt/trench coat. If worst comes to worst, it can fit inside of a...
1-4 of 4 Results