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  1. Epic-Con Horror

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I'm just extremely curious who- if anyone is going to epic-con in Ohio the last week of Ohio. It's a comic convention with a horror theme this year. It's Ideal for someone like me! I've not been to one. Anyways, If you don't know about it look it up. The major staple I'm interested in is the...
  2. Every Night he Preys

    Halloween Music
    So, I have this song, I'm not a professional by any means but I made it. It's got a Tim Burton meets John Carpenter feel to it. I don't know many people as into the season/ holiday/ horror that I am. So, honest opinions. Do you like it? what do you like what don't you like ? I'm curious...
  3. The almost Fall

    General Halloween
    Well, if there are any of you guys are from michigan you can feel my pain on this one. For about the first half of this month it has been October weather . perfect for pumpkin drinks, cider, jacket and all that make the season great. But, at the end of every October comes the scariest thing of...
  4. Live in Michigan? Check out the Haunted Garage Sale on 9/13/14

    Announcements / Press Releases
    MCHC Haunted Garage Sale -- Vendors and visttors needed -- sell your props, horror collectibles, and hand made horror and halloween wares Motor City Haunt Club is excited to announce our annual Haunted garage Sale. We are currently looking for vendors and guests to join in on the terrifyingly...
  5. Hello all!!

    Member Introduction
    We are newbies from just outside metro Detroit, Michigan. Yes the state that looks like a mitten. We are home haunters. We have been doing our yard haunt for under 5 years. Mostly static props. Mostly homemade and a few store bought. Hubby does the building, wife does the painting and finishing...
  6. More about Ghosts and Costumes

    Hello, fellow forum fans, my name is David. I have just signed up to the Halloween Forum, in hopes to meet people who have the same interest as me in regards to Halloween and everything creepy. I love Halloween, Haunted houses, and seeking the paranormal. I'm your average Joe who works at...