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  1. General Halloween
    Looks like some Michael's Stores are already putting out Halloween! :) Sorry if this has been posted already! Not my video btw, it showed up on my Facebook Feed!
  2. Halloween Crafts
    So I couldn't get out and about the day after Halloween, so I lost out on the Craft Pumpkin sales at Michaels. There are none to be had in ATL. Can we source these anywhere? I see that the ones at Michaels (which I used) is made by "Ashland", but I can't find much on them, except that they...
  3. Halloween Props
    I'm trying to make some zombie type hands and want to coat them in liquid latex. I checked Michaels and Joann fabric. Nope. Where do you guys get yours?
  4. Halloween Props
    Plaster skulls to paint.
  5. Halloween Props
  6. General Halloween
  7. General Halloween
    I was in Michael's yesterday and they never disappoint in having items useful for a haunt. Lots of different cloches, all 50 or 60 percent off. These awesome resin chalkboard signs: Bottles in Summer colors:
  8. Halloween Props
    Started this project the day after Christmas.... Found a child's push n go horse at a garage sale. I already had purchased this little skeleton at Michael's for $14 and had altered it by shortening the leg, arm, and neck bones but had nothing to use it for.
  9. General Halloween
    Anyone seen any unique or at least good ones anywhere? I have a Haunted Mansion candelabra, need something eye-catching to go in it. Tried Michael's but they just had sort of glittery black.
  10. Halloween Crafts
    I've tried the forum search, but to no avail. I'm needing a good number of artificial pumpkins for several projects this year, and I'm hoping to be able to buy some in bulk, instead of trying to go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby to buy them with coupons one by one. They are 30% off at Michael's...
  11. Halloween Props
    Pretty sweet deal- Giant foam carveable pumpkin at Michael's. Originally marked 49.99, which I believe is already half off of what the special order price at www.funkins. com is, an extra 40% no coupon, and you can use the 15% coupon on top of it. With tax it was $32 and some change. So we saved...
  12. General Halloween
    So has everyone had the chance to see what Michael's is putting out for this Halloween season? Any comments.