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  1. Memorial Day weekend sales at Joann's and Michaels

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    If you have any craft projects for this year planned out, right now is a good time to check out Joann's and Michaels for their sale. Joann's: Flash Sale, 25% off total instore pickup purchase. Order online with Code 25Memorial. Today only, Sat. 5/25. Check out the other Memorial Day weekend...
  2. Misc Lights and Costumes SoCal

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Sold sold sold sold
  3. 2018 Michaels fake pumpkins

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Right now Michael's online has the 9" fake pumpkins that is normally listed at $20 on sale for $4. I just ordered 8 of them for $42 total including shipping. While supplies last
  4. Best times to shop certain stores for Halloween for max discounts?

    General Halloween
    I am curious if there is a guide for the perfect time to hit the 50%+ discounts for many of the stores. I always hit Spirit November 1st. But what about places like Michael's which is sold out by Nov 1st, or Kirkland, or the big box stores? When are those perfect times without having to drive to...
  5. Static: Where to buy "mean" looking skulls?

    Halloween Props
    I'm a fan of the bag of skulls available for 10 dollars at Home Depot, personally. And some of the styrofoam half skulls (no jaw) at Michael's. But what if I'm looking for something a bit more sinister looking? You know, exaggerated browbones and more of a scowl expression? Does anyone know...
  6. $20 off $50 Michael's One Day Only! (works on sale items)

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Today (10/9/2018) only Michael's is running a promotion for $20 off your online purchase of $50 or more when you choose to pick up in store. It does work on sale items! Code is: 50BOPIS20W
  7. Static: My 3-Week Funeral Hearse Build

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, for my first post (long time silent observer) I wanted to share the tail end of my hearse build. Now, first thing's first: I needed wheels. Because there was no way I was going to attempt this without having the coach wheels ready to go. So I found mine at a few different At Home...
  8. Michaels 2018

    General Halloween
    I took this photo earlier today...I suspect the Halloween stuff will be out soon!
  9. Michaels recall

    General Halloween
  10. Michaels -- Halloween up to 50% off and Additional 20% off today TH 10/19 3pm-Close

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    I was in Michaels today and while one of my stores didn't have much halloween left (about 1 condensed aisle plus decent selection of crafts, stamps/stencils/scrapbooking and halloween baking, plus craft pumpkins), I did pretty well. Most of the things I bought were 50% off. Their website's home...
  11. "I know I have that s-o-m-e-w-h-e-r-e!"

    General Halloween
    Anyone else frustrated trying to locate something for your haunt this year that you know you already bought and stored away awhile ago and now can't locate? For me it's a turquoise Gemmy LED light that I bought from Michaels. I know I have it because I even posted photos of it here to show...
  12. Spooky Town Foam Sets

    Wanted to Buy
    Howdy! Since I have now bought 3 other pieces from spooky town this year, I am in need of more space. I have added another table but would also like some display blocks to put them on. I have the cheap little ones that Michaels sells but they are kinda small. I like the ones Michaels uses for...
  13. Michaels - Last day to use 50% off on item coupon - Mon. 7/24

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Michaels has a 50% Off One Item coupon on their website (or if you get their emails). Today is the last day to use it and I have a feeling that it might be your last day to apply it to Halloween items unless they are specifically on sale. So good time to use it on Gemmy lighting (all of the...
  14. Michaels 2017

    General Halloween
    The last few years people started posting Michaels Halloween around this time! Are they behind lol?! I'm impatient! If anyone had pics if Michaels 2017 decor post here ;)
  15. Michaels 2017

    General Halloween
    Stopped in Michaels today to take advantage of their 50% floral and greenery sale (thru Sat 3/4). They also have 40% off on some of their lighting as shown below. This includes their Gemmy Lightshow LED projection and screw-in lighting. These are the kaleidoscope style bulbs (not Fire & Ice)...
  16. Michaels -- 50% off all floral and greenery (Tues 2/28 - Sat 3/4)

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Michaels has 50% off all floral and greenery thru Saturday 3/4/17. Great time to pick up white easter lilies or such for your funeral/grave site floral LOL. Dollar Tree and 99 Cent Only Stores can have some great buys on floral for same use but it's more hit or miss and Michaels has a better...
  17. Easy magnet DIY

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Cheap wood crafts, awesome designs from Michael's crafts Add magnets with hot glue. I bought my magnet roll from hobby lobby, I'm sure you can get some from Michaels as well Bam! Cool magnets
  18. Michaels 50% off coupon! July 2016

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    I learned my lesson. You cannot wait to get these guys half off after Halloween. So when Michaels sent me a 50% off coupon, I knew what I was getting! and my friends gave me their coupons too! So I loaded up!!!! 3 pose and stay skeletons. and yes, I am totally eating dinner like this!!
  19. Happy Halloween Stuff Being Put Out Time!

    General Halloween
    I really miss the "good ole days" of going all out, but I still love seeing stuff trickle out into stores like Michael's in July. Wishing everyone a happy haunting season!
  20. Michael's Store Halloween 2016

    General Halloween
    Looks like some Michael's Stores are already putting out Halloween! :) Sorry if this has been posted already! Not my video btw, it showed up on my Facebook Feed!