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  1. Electronic/Software: Need Help with Micca or Projector....again

    Halloween Props
    I have 4 Miccas, different brands but the same plug-ins because I am using them for older projectors. I need music to come from the projectors and found that I plug the speaker cord into the Micca it will play perfectly. I could not get it to play on any of the projectors when plugged into them...
  2. Electronic/Software: Need Help with Atmos Digital Download...Again

    Halloween Props
    I am needing help...again LOL We downloaded the Atmos videos on a USB. We did 2 different USB and they each have their own Atmos downloads. They were downloaded with Windows Movie Maker and encoded with k.264 USB 1 - Plays just fine. No issues USB 2 - Will play in my newer projector that has...
  3. Atmosphere Effects: Any risks to having a projector on its side?

    Halloween Props
    I'm going to be projecting some of the AtmosFX vertical scenes this year using a couple of Hitachi CP-X2010 projectors and some Micca media players. There doesn't appear to be any way to rotate the movies on either the Micca or the projectors, so I'm planning on just setting the projectors on...
  4. Electronic/Software: Micca Speck Looping

    Halloween Props
    Hello again, I finally bit the bullet and bought an Epson projector along with a Micca Speck for my SD cards loaded with AtmosFX scenes. Looked great until I started getting the green flash screen (only for scenes with multiple files) during looping. I read another thread about this issue but...
  5. atmosfear FX download

    Halloween Props
    Okay so I bought the atmosphere FX download off their site and now I need to know how to download it on to either my phone or computer so I could get it on my projector. Anyone know how to do this LOL I have a micca spec and that is what I would like to use for it. Yes I know I am completely...
  6. Electronic/Software: Another Micca Speck question

    Halloween Props
    So I was so happy to get my Micca Speck. I now can leave it with the projector and not have to keep burning new DVDs every time I buy a new projection, or worse yet leaving my computer attached to the projector. BUT No matter what file format I am using, currently tried MP4 MKV, and AVI, I...
  7. Micca speck for digital decore

    Halloween Props
    That Micca Speck G2 works great for my singing pumpkins looping.https://youtu.be/7tH2liVfn6A
  8. Prop Showcase: Help - Needed Cables for Micca Speck to hook to my projector

    Halloween Props
    I just purchased this Epson Powerlite 84 projector on ebay and also the Micca Speck. Can someone please look at the back of this projector to see exactly what cable I would need to hook to the Micca Speck, Im very confused as Im reading all different things. It doesnt look like the back has an...