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  1. Target -- 2019

    General Halloween
    Was in Target this week and saw these kind of cool Harry Potter-licensed lamps. The bulb sits down inside the base. For anyone doing a Potter theme though these might look great on two entrance columns for example. Didn't see the price on them and might be up on the website. They were refreshing...
  2. Scene Setter -- Police Line Up - Photo Op

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    One year when I was thinking about doing a murder scene theme for my haunt (and know some of you plan for murder mystery parties so posting here as a result), I was looking at different ready-made police line up scene setters to use. Kind of hate spending a lot of money on stuff like this for...
  3. Adam The Woo's Halloween Adventures!

    General Halloween
    Adam has started off the Halloween season in his latest vlog with Universal Halloween Horror Nights now setting up...It's cool to see the classic monsters are returning...A lot of cool merchandise this year too....I hope he get's some video of the animatronics working....ZR...
  4. Gilroy, CA - 1 Lot auction of Halloween store inventory

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Was on an Estate Sale site and saw this. What a great opportunity for someone. Halloween store shut down 12 years ago so all vintage items. They're auctioning off the lot of merchandise. If they don't have any takers, they will break it up and sell in smaller lots. Taking place Nov. 11...
  5. 2017 Halloween Mdse Sighting in Stores

    General Halloween
    I've seen a variety of store specific posts of merchandise coming up, but I missed the general 'Merchandise Sightings' forum from 2016, so I am opening the 2017 forum. I know many stores are clearing out their Back-To-School promotional areas and filling them up with Fall Decorations and...
  6. 2017 Ross Dress for Less

    General Halloween
    Happened to notice these suitcases when I stopped in a store today from It Luggage. The tagging on it says "New Ultra Strong", 10 year warranty. Perfect slide, 8 wheel spinners. Expander 25% Extra Capacity. Didn't check out the price. If this year is similar to past years, Ross will start...
  7. Other: disney hocus pocus merchandise

    Halloween Props
    dont know if this has been mentioned here before: https://www.disneystore.com/hocus-pocus-limited-release-items/mn/1029704/?CMP=DTPM-CMR&att=HocusPocus_Philes_090516
  8. Halloween City Stores Day After

    General Halloween
    Will Halloween City stores have all their merchandise half off the day after Halloween?
  9. Stores Releasing Halloween Stuff Already!

    General Halloween
    Today I went to Hallmark and they had their Halloween collection out already! Nothing really scary though. Only OK thing was a motion activated grim reaper-type skeleton that was probably 2 feet tall. I then later went to Yankee Candle and they were having a "Halloween Preview Party" and said...
  10. Merchandise Watch UK 2009

    General Halloween
    By popular request, I have started this Merchandise Watch 2009 UK! Anything seen for Halloween in the England, Scotland, Sunny Wales, Northern Island or any other part of the UK, post away. To sum up the forum which started this post, we agreed fans in the US have a much bigger selection, so it...