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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    In previous posts, I've often mentioned using Light-O-Rama hardware and software for Halloween displays. The following video isn't so much a tutorial as an introduction that may tempt some of you to add computerized control to your attractions. I've used only the company's most basic equipment...
  2. General Halloween
    I saw them mentioned on the net - seem to enjoy macabre aspects of their profession...even to the point of having a haunt-themed miniature golf course in the basement under the funeral home! But don't worry, they strictly forbid playing while a funeral is going on upstairs...
  3. General Halloween
    We bought a new house in January and getting ready to setup for this year next weekend. i am sure a lot of people have been here, but nervous for the new neighborhood to see what we do. Not only hoping it goes over well, but the yard is so much different really don't know where to start or how...
  4. General Halloween
    That darn "35 Days" sign up there isn't helping any! Friday is my Spawn's birthday. I always start to set up the cemetery the day after. However, she is turning 21. This means Thursday night at midnight, the hubby & I will be taking her out for her first "legal" adult beverage. Friday...
  5. Halloween Props
    dont know if this has been mentioned here before: https://www.disneystore.com/hocus-pocus-limited-release-items/mn/1029704/?CMP=DTPM-CMR&att=HocusPocus_Philes_090516
  6. General Halloween
    What kind of event or sight or sound or combination of things would it take to actually scare you? Something turning "On" by itself? A voice? Or something even stranger that I have not mentioned?
  7. Halloween Music
    I was all set to have my animated talking skelly 'read' the rules to my customers but now the CD won't play (t's an old ripped CD). I searched the forum for recorded rules but only found very old posts, the downloads mentioned aren't available anymore. I need something current and a download...
  8. Halloween Props
    I would like to use my window fx in the big picture window we have on the first floor but only about 5 feet from window to wall. Someone mentioned using a mirror in small spaces, does this work,well and what size mirror do I need to do this. Also where is the placement of the mirror to be...
  9. General Halloween
    Pirates aren't my thing, so I didn't save the link.... A guy at work mentioned he was thinking of building a pirate playset for his kids. I recall someone on here making a pirate boat for their party that people were actually able to get on. Anyone recall? Have I lost my mind?
  10. General Halloween
    That you have ever seen in a Haunted house? (If YOU haven't seen it, it doesn't "Count"! Eye witnesses only!) Why did I bring this up? I had a man return to see the house and he mentioned something I used to have here, (Yes. I believe it to have been a very unusual thing to have in an actual...
  11. Member Introduction
    I think my ghost is a drunk! It makes all sorts of noise in the night, breaking things. Hi there, one of your long time members is a friend of mine on another forum, and when I mentioned that I wish Hallowe'en was longer than the few weeks leading up to that night, and then there's the...
  12. General Halloween
    Does anyone plan to celebrate,and what are you doing?
  13. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I bought a really cool life size hard plastic skull and arm bones and I want to give it a skinned down to the bone look w a red textured glazed look. I was thinking painting it w elmer's glue mixed w red food coloring or red dye and brushing it on coarsely. Hs anyone done this to a bare bones...
1-13 of 14 Results