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  1. General Halloween
    I ordered one for dh to wear to work...he won't wear a costume (it's beneath his dignity as medical director...bleh) but I don't want him to be an old poop, either. Hence....Ugly Sweater! I think they are adorable and long overdue...
  2. Halloween Props
    Anyone have any ideas where I could find old hospital beds? The ones with the metal frames and springs or something like it for my asylum this year. My local medical supplies stores do not have any - and I'm not able to find them on ebay or craigslist.
  3. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Haunt Closing Liquidation FOR SALE: Complete set of hospital/medical equipment props that are perfect for your asylum, medical, hospital or zombie contagion themed haunt or escape game. All these items are in used condition and perfect for scenic/prop use. There's NOTHING like the real thing...
  4. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We do a halloween party every year but this year we wanted to do more of a theme through out the house. We want to do a medical/hospital theme. Does anyone have ideas for the invitations? Any ideas for decor/props are appreicated!
1-4 of 4 Results