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  1. Oklahoma City - Nightfall's Horror Con July 20th

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    https://www.facebook.com/events/1065092837034327/ Anyone else planning on going? Their first year but they're at least running the social media side well.
  2. Electronic/Software: NEC MT 1060 projector - red outer box in image

    Halloween Props
    Background In November 2016 I bought a used NEC MT 1060 projector (2,600 lumens, Native Resolution 1024 × 768 XGA, Aspect Ratio 4:3) on eBay for £70 and it is the first projector that I’ve used. I had intended to use it for projecting onto a window for Halloween 2017 I but didn’t use it until...
  3. Atmosphere Effects: My 2018 Projection Mapping Attempt on the house

    Halloween Props
    Hi Everybody, Here is the street view of this year's attempt. Apologies, the camera still doesn't do the actual presentation justice.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy2395tk6hk&t=177s This year's inspiration.. - AtmosFx Halloween Monster Bash, -A dance recital song (Pitbull's Fireball)...
  4. Electronic/Software: Audio for random props, media player?

    Halloween Props
    For those who have multiple sounds coming from multiple props, what are you doing? Not talking about custom programming all hooked up to computer, etc. Just want to add sound to 2-3 props and have the speaker right by that prop. For example my rocking chair that moves, I want to have a speaker...
  5. Free Full 15 track Pro Haunter CD - Limited time only

    Halloween Music
    FREE Halloween Music download! We are giving away a full album of award winning haunt music to celebrate the start of October GHOST STORIES - 15 electro horror tracks for Haunts Download the CD now here...
  6. Halloween or Event Tombstone Props! Realistic!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hello fellow haunters! We all love to build our own props but sometimes we run short on time to do it all. I create custom tombstone props for just such events! I ship anywhere in the world and can make a stone just about any size that you want. You can find my shops on Etsy and Ebay, I also...
  7. Inked Magazine!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi Ghoul Gang, I am a contestant in the 2018 Inked Cover Girl contest and would REALLY appreciate my Halloween community to vote for me! You can vote one time per day, each day...I really need this help so please vote and share on social (make sure you read my bio as I talk about my plans for...
  8. Facebook/social media?

    General Halloween
    Does anyone use Facebook or other social media to promote your yard haunt? If you do, has it increased the number of tot's you get?
  9. Found these forums at the end of a darkened street...

    Member Introduction
    Hello all, Found the forums here today. i was looking around for some info on which media player would play the AtmosFX files in seamless fashion without the black spaces in the loop. Reviews on their site seem to not recommend their media player. In our neighborhood, I'm the crazy guy who...
  10. Atmosphere Effects: ATMOSFX MEDIA PLAYER 2017 Review 1/5 *'s

    Halloween Props
    The ATMOSFX MEDIA PLAYER the player is NOT seamless and does not work well with the unliving portraits scenes. Last year I used a raspberry pi and some python and made a media player. It wasn't perfect and when I saw this from AtmosFX I got very excited considering they advertise the use of the...
  11. 2017 Peanuts / Snoopy Halloween Mechandise Info

    General Halloween
    I didn't see a Thread for this yet, so I thought I'd start one. I'm starting to feel a big panicky since I haven't seen any posts here or on social media about this year's Peanuts offerings... Here's hoping for new items that we can post here!
  12. A new member from Oz!

    Member Introduction
    Hi guys and ghouls, I am from Sydney Australia - I only just discovered your lovely site! I actually run an online pop-up Halloween radio station (www.fotwradio.com) and this is my third year running it. I also make audio stories and documentaries, most of them around themes of horror! I'll...
  13. atmosfx media player

    Halloween Props
    does anyone know if other media players would work with a projector and the atmosfearfx sd cards besides their brand? would a roku work? i have one of those. i would want it HDMI compatable. any suggestions? thanks
  14. Other: why is my media player doing this?

    Halloween Props
    flashes between looping video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSLuJluvANg I bought the sprite player because it is triggerable. but I noticed this flashing. I took out my old generic media player and found it does the same flash. they seem to be random, sometimes every 2 plays or 3 or 4...
  15. Other: help with projector audio set up

    Halloween Props
    I have been using dvd players. this year I was thinking of using a media player with a hd projector I had for a while now. the problem I am having is I need to transmit the audio via an fm transmitter. the hdmi cable carries both audio and video. the media player cant use both the AV and...
  16. Has any one used a singing pumpkin display whall useing your phone as the mediaplayer

    Halloween Props
    Has any one used there phones to loop the singing pumpkins for 3 hours and have it not shut off.I really want to save some $$$ and not have to buy a media player.
  17. Alcorn Mcbride AM4 Triggerable, RS232, GPS, Media Players

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    $200 I have an Alcorn McbBride AM4 Media Player. These are triggerable and can be used with prop controllers since they talk through RS-232. The Digital Audio Machine stores its sounds on Compact Flash cards, so playback is virtually instantaneous. You can create and edit your audio using your...
  18. Sending A Hallowenn Hello!!

    Member Introduction
    Hey everyone!!! My name is Sam! I made a new profile under this username to match all my other social media! I am also know as Bewitchinghalloween! I've been a part of this forum for 6 years! I love everything about this place! The people, ideas, photos, inspiration, the list goes on and on! If...
  19. Lighting: Good inexpensive media player that will auto-play video loop upon power on?

    Halloween Props
    Can anyone recommend a good inexpensive ($50 or less) media player that will auto-play a video loop upon powering up? I'd like to rear project onto a window, having a projector and media player power up each evening on a timer or dusk-to-dawn sensor. Also looking for inexpensive ($100) LED...
  20. Cyber monday blowout special! Ss hd hdmi looping media players

    For Sale By Merchants
    Super December Special! SOLID STATE HD HDMI LOOPING MEDIA PLAYERS $49.99 plus shipping. Special firmware for haunt or Xmas effects, no black screen between videos or when looping and no on screen icons, totally seamless looping! (unlike the Mica Speck) Autoplay on power up. Plays all common...