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  1. Other: Recommending PVC Pipe Cutter for prop building

    Halloween Props
    Last year I had some large size PVC pipe to cut and wanted a clean cut without all the plastic debris from sawing. Not being someone with a lot of tools or being handy constructing things, I ended up buying an Orbit "1/2 inch-to-2 inch PVC cutting tool" from Home Depot. A bit on the pricey side...
  2. Animated GraveDigger

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is an animated Gravedigger prop I made. It's mostly recycled from old props and molds I had in the garage, but I animated it in the "leering ghost" kind of way (bent PVC attached to upper body and running on a slow window motor). I attached mine to the window roller motor with Home Depot...
  3. Static: Aliens, Aliens, Aliens

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, November is one of my favourite times to prop build. Next year we want to have an Alien inspired room so here we have; The face hugger; The egg; The xenomorph; The face hugger is a wire frame, with lots of tape, latex & paint The egg is a old fashioned 'paper mâché over a big...
  4. Animatronic Eye Mechanism

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi all, longtime haunter first time post: This is a quick eye movement test I did of some eyes I made (these were a junk pair that I had used for a sculpting blank). The actual mechanism is made from 2 old servos, some baling wire and a home depot paint stick. It is just a test but as you see I...
  5. Mechanical: Help! Spirit Halloween Harvester Repair

    Halloween Props
    I recently obtained a Harvester from a local yard sale. Cosmetically, he is in great condition. No dirt anywhere on his inside or his clothes. The problem I am having is with his head rising mechanism. His eyes, mouth, and head turn all work great, however his head doesn't lift up or down. You...
  6. Lets see your clearance hauls!!

    General Halloween
    So far I have only hit two Spirits-went later in the morning but got a few "essentials." Posable Dummy Ghost Swing Rotating Mechanism Freddy Tote Bag Lighted Halloween Garland Pumpkin Stencils Freddy vs Jason Two bags of webs...one regular, one Glow in the Dark. Lets see pics of everyones Hauls :)
  7. Mechanical: Help ASAP with Home Depot Headless Horseman!

    Halloween Props
    Just picked this guy (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Accents-Holiday-86-6-in-Headless-Horseman-5124513/304942912) up today on floor model. Obviously, some bits were broken, nothign we couldn't fix, but specifically the mechanism that turns his legs was broken. Me and my dad have been trying to...
  8. Mechanical: Spirit Halloween Grave Digger Repair

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, I have the retired Spirit Halloween Grave Digger prop and it needs some repair. 2 issues: 1) The plastic piece that holds his head in place must have broke, and I can't find anything that will repair it (his head moves side to side and tilts, so can't glue) 2) His arm is supposed to...
  9. Pneumatic: Need a prop for my 4-foot cylinder

    Halloween Props
    I got a great deal on some four-foot air cylinders a while back. I'm going to use one of them to make a chair screamer, without the need for a scissor mechanism. Any ideas for the other one? Four feet is a really long throw.
  10. Mechanical: Tombstone Carver with sliding mech

    Halloween Props
    Its far from finished and I have tons of work to do still but I just couldnt wait to share this new mechanism I thought of with all of you as well as the prop I designed for it
  11. Hello from Michigan

    Member Introduction
    Anyone made a standing head turning prop? Trying to miniaturize the components using a windshield wiper motor but the mechanism keeps catching on the chicken wire or clothes? Thanks:)
  12. Mechanical: Leering Skeleton / New Mechanism Test

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, I just wanted to share a project I am working on this weekend. This is going to be an animated leering skeleton holding a lantern. I am making this one as a Christmas present for my brother since he is just starting out decorating. :) Nothing fancy about him. He is a Walgreens...
  13. Pneumatic: Pneumatic Spider Lunger / Bushwacker

    Halloween Props
    Added a large Lunging Spider Bushwacker to the yard this year. When activated, the corn stalks open and the spider lunges out. Built on a large 4 bar mechanism. It'd am addition to our extensive Spider Infestation area.
  14. Mechanical: Cauldron Creep - Different mechanism approach

    Halloween Props
    Building a Cauldron Creep for this years haunt, but didn't want the "hunchback" look. Here is a video of the setup if anyone is interested. Happy Haunting!!
  15. Mechanical: Trembling or shaking mechanism

    Halloween Props
    I did a quick search hereand You tube but couldn't find anything. Has anyone ever done a homemade mechanism to make a prop tremble like it had chills or was slightly convulsing? I'm thinking maybe a out of balance flywheel of some kind might work but thought I would pick the local brains . Like...
  16. Electronic/Software: Creepy Cathy, how to fix/replace sound mechanism

    Halloween Props
    I was fortunately to find a creepy cathy that appearance wise is in like new condition. She moves ok, a little slow with 5v power, tried 12v and she's a dancing machine, LOL. Unfortunately, she doesn't make any sounds. I'm hoping someone can give me a hint on how to repair or replace the...
  17. Electronic/Software: Backward Clock mechanism and parts

    Halloween Props
    I saw someone's post on a backward clock issue and it made me think that there are people here who would probably like a simple backward clock mechanism to convert an old clock which they could simply install and use like a regular clock. There are battery clock movements that go backwards...
  18. Mechanical: Compact Prop Turning Mechanism

    Halloween Props
    This is a self contained compact turning mechanism based off of our Watchman mechanism. It uses a 6 RPM deer style 110 VAC gear motor. I designed all of the parts and had them cut out of 1/16" aluminum. Overall it is 4x8 inches. This is an alternative method for turning props like a leering...
  19. Other: How to animate driveway gate?

    Halloween Props
    To clarify, this is a homemade prop. The gate itself is made of PVC and 1" x 2" wood with two wood columns covered in foam board made to look like stone on either side. The gate is attached to the columns by tee hinges and opens inwards. Each side of the gate is 8' long. My question is how could...
  20. Mechanical: Need help keeping a fire breathing gargoyle lit

    Halloween Props
    I built a fire breathing gargoyle using propane, a pilot light and a solenoid. The video below shows it in an older form. The problem I have is that when it breaths fire it often will blow the pilot light out. I tried encasing the tubing but it still blows out. This year I would like to go with...