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  1. Halloween Props
    Anyone ever build the mech for a pop-up lunger prop ? I'm looking for specifics dimensions to build myself a mech like this: http://www.halloweenfxprops.com/gravestone-pop-up-lunger-mech/ I want to build a prop that would drop from the ceiling so i think that would be a good mech for it but i...
  2. Halloween Props
    Recently purchased the store display of these at Home Depot for $21 (told the cashier they were broken. Which they were, the arm brackets were broken off one of the witches two arms, so she took off 50% of the sale price) got them home to test out and the mouths don’t move, cauldron mech doesn’t...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello, I have a scissor mech that I want to hook up to a prop to automatically extend. Any thoughts or diy to automatically extend using a motor or something besides a pneumatic cylinder? Thanks
  4. Halloween Props
    I started this project a couple years ago and never finished it, just got back to it and hope to have it done for this year. The basic idea came from Scary Terry's version, mine is a little more beefed up and uses 2 cylinders for the arms. I also used 1" square aluminum tube instead of conduit...
  5. Halloween Props
    We have been working on a number of props lately, and one of our newest is a piece inspired by the crew over at ADI. Their behind the scenes of Harbinger Down has a cool alien pod. We are using that for inspiration to make a BUG LARVA Pod. We also used some basics from the Stan Winston School of...
  6. Halloween Props
    Taking advantage of some great weather and already working on props for next year. Came up with a very simple design for a Skelly Swing using a wiper motor and PWM speed control. Dialed down the speed to about 22 rpm. The motor is mounted directly on the swing mech so everything is one assembly...
  7. Halloween Props
    As I got bit by the bug this year I have been really wanting to make some good props with good mechs in them. After seeing that screaming witch jump out of that chair like 5 feet, that is sort of where I am going, at least with the mech part, my idea will be different. My question is that all...
  8. Halloween Props
    This is my zombie shambler, I have since this photo added hands. need ideas to puff out the middle, and ways to keep the mask on the foam head. some people use gorilla glue I guess. My other prop I will show later flings the mask right off its frame. video
  9. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Halloween 2011 is over.. Had maybe a month to put together the costume and it turned out great. But I might want to throw in a whole year's worth of work into next year's costume. I was thinking something along the lines of a Mech. Of course, Mechs are not small. So, If you haven't guessed...
  10. Halloween Props
    hey all .....Im making a witch and I hope she is stiring a coldren by halloween...............but here is the frame so far .................. enjoy www,youtube.com/watch?v=wVKJzKaHzm0
  11. Halloween Props
    I know it aint pretty ......but after the season I will remake the frame from aluminum..............but it took alot of tweeking to get it where it is now ....................first i put the motor at the back .(thats what I saw in some tutorials ...............but that made the ghost just go up...
1-12 of 12 Results