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  1. General Halloween
    Looking at it, this has really been 4 years in coming. For years, working on Halloween has worked as stress relief for me. That begun to change in 2014. I was out of work, and the Halloween budget was a casualty. In addition, being out of work I had different home budget and time needs...
  2. Blog
    We do a weekly Halloween meal leading up to Halloween. It's something that the kids really look forward to. It started a few years ago and it's become one of my favorite parts of the Halloween season. We usually watch a Halloween movie or do a craft after we eat. We added a new tradition to it...
  3. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We always go to a local park that has the last two weekends reserved for Halloween. Campsites are decorated and candy is given out. My parents are going with us this year. I need some help with food this year, to make it more themed . But I am limitied because we are camping. usually pre-...
1-3 of 3 Results