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  1. General Halloween
    Dear Halloweenforum Community Members, Over the past year, there have been updates to your community environment that have introduced challenges in usability and performance. We sincerely apologize if you have been negatively impacted. Efforts to improve the technology, user interface, and site...
  2. Halloween Props
    I know this topic has been beaten to death.....but I am trying to do something slightly different. Maybe some of you with extensive knowledge on airflow and pipe sizing may help. I have a chauvet 1600 fogger, plenty of fog, and good velocity coming out. I would like to create a grid system in...
  3. General Halloween
    I am trying to locate LARGE skeleton masks for my outdoor decorations. Just plain skull fronts, like you would wear as a face mask. Except much bigger, around 3 or so feet. Something like this: Color doesn't matter, as it will be painted. I was really hoping to find this in a thin...
  4. General Halloween
    Wow, what a season. I am certainly sad to see over with. That amazing feeling of all the work culminating to that faithful night pure joy. It does warm my heart when the neighbors are encouraging and appear genuine in the praises they gave this year. Unfortunately, I was taking a final during...
  5. Halloween Props
    I made these 4 windows a couple of years ago and plan to use them again this year in our community haunted house. They will be hanging against a dark wall and I am trying to figure out a way to make them appear like there is light coming from inside the window. Everything I've tried isn't...
  6. Halloween Props
    I've had the witch (Elfaba) for many years. Last year her cauldron will no longer stir (or light up for that matter) Any ideas on how to fix? She still does everything else with the motion sensor built into cauldron. Thanks
  7. Wanted to Buy
    This guy is evidently only at select Walmart's and mine (or any within a 200 mile radius for that matter) were not lucky enough to receive any. Anyone want to help a guy out! Let me know. Thanks!!
  8. Halloween Props
    This was a prop I started years ago and never finished because I never ended up doing a zombie theme. I thought with so many people doing the zombie thing that some people might like to see it. I am working on a much simpler version of this using all 12v components its just a matter of finding...
  9. General Halloween
    This summer finally got my own house! YAY! Was looking forward to a huge yard to display all my items, well seems like someone enjoyed all of my Halloween and Christmas décor that it all got taken from a storage unit where no one saw anything! I hope it's loved where ever it went too, so stayed...
  10. General Halloween
    I was looking up some classic monster pics when I came across this gem. I'm a little sad about it, but as a fan of the genre, Halloween and most things spooky, I can't help but know that no matter how bad the screw up, the movie will always stand the test of time. I guess nobody's perfect...
  11. General Halloween
    Ugh I wish we could make everyone remove their little political signs out of their yard just for one night no matter what side you are on! Remember!
1-11 of 15 Results