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  1. Halloween Props
    I bought a Michael Myers’s mask, and for the most part it fits well, but the neck is way to big and I’m wondering if anyone has some advice on how to get it to shrink or fit better. Right now the neck is about as wide as the head itself, and I would like it to fit a little tighter. Any advice?
  2. General Halloween
    Please please help me I waited to the last minute to open my Halloween Costume and the mask is toooooo big and I need for today it says to add foam I still thing even if I do that it will still be to big I have a little fave what else can I do can’t I add Velcro since it’s open on the back already
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey guys any tips on re-sizing this mask? its latex and is just too big around the neck and at the back, what would be better, foam insert into neck and back or size to me by cutting and gluing with more latex? also is there any make-up that i can use that will not harm the mask and can be...
1-3 of 3 Results