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  1. New BIG SCARY SHOW: HAuNTcom wrapup, Promoting haunts, London After Midnight, more

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    New BIG SCARY SHOW – HAUNTCON 2019 WRAPUP Episode 177 Badger took advantage of his time in the Big Easy, enjoying the New Orleans hospitality and food, and he still was able to cover the convention! With booth babe Sylvia Viles watching the booth, he managed interviews with Dark Illusions...
  2. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Dick Terhune, more

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    New BIG SCARY SHOW – Ep158 -THE VOICE FROM HELL Episode 158 2 weeks until the Midwest Haunter’s Convention and the Big Scary Show is gearing up for the con, by bringing you valuable marketing tips for your haunt, by the Voice from Hell himself, Mr. Dick Terhune. Now is the time to start...
  3. Target Halloween Theme/Marketing Campaigns through the years

    General Halloween
    Hey! I'm an avid Target shopper,and have loved their Halloween campaigns through the years (some MUCH more than others.) Like most of you, I'm sure, I long for the days when Target seemed to be leading the pack in terms of their Halloween merchandise-- but it doesn't stop me from stalking Target...
  4. The answer to social media - and it's FREE.

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    To start off, this is not a sales pitch. It's free. Let’s be frank, marketing your haunt on social media is like the song that never ends. Who has time to constantly make quality, relatable content onto their social media accounts? We’ve spent that last couple of years brainstorming the big...
  5. So I have a Chauvet fog machine.......

    Halloween Props
    The owners manual says to ONLY use their fog juice. Is this a marketing ploy or will any other fog juice (homemade, Froggy's) mess it up? Thanks!
  6. Thank you to all !!!

    General Halloween
    To all forum members, I would just like to thank you all for your support of my website and my recently opened PropShop. Just a few day's of the grand opening and we aleady have 84 views, and my website overall has had over 4,000 visitors which is more than I ever expected. This is my first...
  7. Other Mini Coffins

    Halloween Crafts
    Hey guys! The Powerhouse of terror haunt team made these creepy little coffins to be used as media kits for our 2012 haunt season. The idea is to fill them with a bunch of scary goodness including a creative and enticing invitation to come visit our haunted house. We are still in the beginning...
  8. MArketing your site/blog/haunt?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi Everyone..not sure that this is the place for this. I'm new so if it is not...just tell me. I just started a small horror/halloween site. I've wanted to do this for a long time. Looking for ideas to market the site. I have a blog that I add to but I'm really looking for items for my...