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  1. Road's End Eerie Manor 2018

    General Halloween
    Our 5th annual haunt collaboration. Close to 800 visitors over three hours. Lots of great scares and screams. Our crew did an outstanding job as always. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/embed/A-tlc31S7fI?fbclid=IwAR3FvLdJfLf1sMu2CWlrVVALST8jPm3jENdd6eXHppyiWsdU85W4YX2SnF8
  2. Halloween Decorations Yard Display - Boddy Creek Manor

    General Halloween
    My outside walkthrough. I took this video at the very end of the night after all the halloween party people left and we were already starting to put things away (which is why you can see some boxes in the garage - where we had a food display). Also, the area outside the garage is a little...
  3. Halloween Decorations House Tour - Boddy Creek Manor

    General Halloween
    Here's a look at the inside of Boddy Creek Manor this year. (Narration starts at 6:48).
  4. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Hello all from South Florida, Happy to be joining the forum!! I have been doing my home haunt for the past 15+ years. Always looking for new and creative ways to freshen up the haunt. The overall theme of Rader Manor is a graveyard with static props, home made pop-ups, fog chillers, lightning...
  5. Mapleton Manor Yard Haunt 2018

    General Halloween
    So I finally finished this years video of our Halloween Display. Go ahead and check out the link for it in my signature. Hope you all enjoy. I even put in a special Thank you to all the member here on Halloween Forum, without you I probably wouldn't have a Yard haunt as nice as it is. From...
  6. Other: Halloween 2018: Revenant Manor Build

    Halloween Props
    I've been experiencing some issues when trying to create / update albums on the forum this year, so I figured instead of creating a build album this year, I might try a post instead. For 2018 to this point, we've added a new haunt sign, mausoleum, vine lanterns, and the 'witching well'. All...
  7. Fryght Manor 2018

    General Halloween
    Things are starting to ramp up. As some of you know, I maintain a pumpkin patch in my backyard. This year I am really emphasizing my pumpkin display near my front door. I pretty much have my pumpkins set-up, now I just need to scary it up a little with lights and spiders. My goal is to get this...
  8. The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hello Darklings! I am happy to announce the release of our new game.... Happy Halloween! :cool: The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana is a dark adventure game set inside the haunted mansion of a mysterious magician who vanished several years ago. Resolve a maze of riddles and perplexing puzzles to...
  9. Other: Yard Haunt updates

    Halloween Props
    As many of you may or not know my yard haunt name is The Ghostly Manor Holiday basically a Nightmare Before Christmas/Haunted Mansion Holiday/Phantom Manor theme all in one. So I've been working on getting it ready the last week with tons of progress still not done,have to put all the fake snow...
  10. Boddy Creek Manor & Cemetery Walkthrough Videos 2017

    General Halloween
  11. Drake Manor Halloween Disaster

    General Halloween
    Here's the pics we got before the weather destroyed the majority!! Well after several months of crafting I was really looking forward to seeing Drake Manor come to life for Halloween. Spent a full day setting everything up and all was looking great until.......we went to a friends party on...
  12. Darkrose Manor 2016 - Inferno

    General Halloween
    Video- https://youtu.be/NGu0IIAkLOE All Photos- https://www.facebook.com/darkrosemanor/
  13. Mechanical: Haunted Bookcase for Drake Manor

    Halloween Props
    I wanted a haunted bookcase prop to sit in my large window so people could see it from the outside and in, and to keep it with my theme of the haunted manor house. I purchased an old revolving tree stand from the car boot sale and attached a large box, created some shelves and started to paint...
  14. Static: Hi to Inhabitants of Drake Manor!

    Halloween Props
    Well today's job has been doing some updating to my tape ghost people to change them to the family who live in Drake Manor. We have Lord Winston in his car, alongside him Daisy the maid, next is Lady Eleanor, another shot of Daisy, then Daughter Victoria. Still working on Baby Isobel who...
  15. Electronic/Software: Atmos-FX Macabre Manor

    Halloween Props
    Just letting anyone know in case you haven't checked you email, looks like their new product Macabre Manor is available. Looks pretty good. Even the 3dfx form might be worth purchasing. http://atmosfx.com/collections/atmosfearfx/products/macabre-manor?mc_cid=9b9773a7df&mc_eid=12f4102f05
  16. Who likes scary tales? Share your haunt stories

    General Halloween
    Hi all, I'm finally getting around to finalizing the backstory for my home haunt, Darkstone Manor. I thought I'd share it here with the brightest minds in home haunting. I'd love to get feedback and also read the stories of other home haunts! Feel free to share them below. In 1878, Baron...
  17. 2015 CHA Award for Rutherford Manor Haunt

    General Halloween
    We are very proud to report Rutherford Manor Haunt was recently awarded the 2015 Best Indoor/Garage/Walk-through Haunt by the Canadian Haunters Association (CHA). It is a huge honor as the judges were the 2014 season winners!! We got this awesome trophy, certificate, and the best part...
  18. Haunted Manor 2015

    General Halloween
    Here are our pics and videos for this year's setup. Unfortunately we lost our Dad this year. However since he enjoyed the day the family decided we should continue our tradition. Since he was our Halloween ToTs encourager / barker he loved getting people excited to visit our setup. We setup...
  19. Olde Oaks 2015

    General Halloween
    My Family came through and we had a kick [email protected]@ yard haunt. My torn up foot was not an issue. Halloween 2015 Jacks by Monica Riney, on Flickr Olde Oaks Manor 2015 by Monica Riney, on Flickr Olde Oaks Manor 2015 by Monica Riney, on Flickr Olde Oaks Manor 2015 by Monica Riney, on Flickr The Wife...
  20. Haunt of the Month - August 2015 - Ghoulie Manor

    Just wanted to let everyone know that my new feature the Haunt of the Month finally hit the blog. The inaugural Haunt of the Month is none other than Ghoulie Manor! HalloweenOverkill